Answer These Nine Questions And We'll Tell You What Food Matches Your Personality

By MangoBaaz Studio | 4 May, 2019

Friends, in almost everything we do, something or another is revealed about our personalities. Whether it’s through the decisions we make, the way we laugh or even the clothes we wear!

Well, GUESS WHAT! Some of these everyday questions will reveal what kind of food and cuisine match your personality. Wesay tou asal foodies will like food all day, every day, regardless of the cuisines but we all know, deep down inside whether you’re a burger and fries kinda gal or a dude who loves Schezuan noodles. Luckily, Pepsi Online Food Festival has all of the international fast food options covered. (more on that later)

Take this quiz NOW to find out:


The Pepsi Online Food Festival in partnership with Foodpanda is bringing exciting deals (and they’re live, btw).

The Online Festival is live with tantalizing deals all week. With more than 2000 vendors and 10 novelty vendors; making it one grand affair for Karachites. So enjoy Pepsi recommended cuisines such as American, Chinese & Italian dishes from your favorite top restaurants now!

This post has been sponsored by Pepsi Pakistan

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