Food Festivals Took Pakistan By A Storm This Winter And Here’s A Quick Round-Up

Celebrations were in the air for foodies all across Pakistan this winter. 7Up Foodies Festival took over Pakistan by ...

31 Dec, 2018

This Pest Control Company Tried To Shade Johnny And Jugnu’s Lizard Incident But It Backfired

If you live on the internet Johnny & Jugnu, a Lahore based restaurant’s recent run in with the law is known...

20 Dec, 2018

Sialkot Finally Got It’s First Big Food Festival And Punjabis Were Like, “Balle Balle”

Cities across the world are often remembered fondly owing to their street food culture. Pakistan is no different. Wit...

17 Dec, 2018

Renowned Pakistani Chef, Tahir Chaudhry Has Passed Away, Leaving People Absolutely Heartbroken

Pakistan lost one of its most esteemed culinary experts on Saturday, 9th October 2018. Chef Tahir Chaudhry had an old...

7 Oct, 2018

Pakistani Celebrities Asking Fans To Vote For Biryani With Or Without Aloo Has Officially Divided The Internet

It’s no secret that nothing gets Pakistanis’ blood pumping, nerves popping, emotions heightened than disc...

9 Sep, 2018

13 Animal Parts You Eat Every Bakra Eid That You REALLY Need To Know About

The streets of every neighborhood have already become a maweshi mandi as we near Bakra Eid. While for some the Bari E...

20 Aug, 2018

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