‘Game Of Thrones' Fans Are Extremely Angry At The Show's Writers For All The Right Reasons

By Arslan Athar | 8 May, 2019

For the past few weeks, people all across the world have been glued to their screens, watching the last season of ‘Game of Thrones’. Fans were expecting a fantastic last season, with mysteries being solved, truths coming to the surface, and also some major character deaths. Unfortunately for fans, the latest season hasn’t yet delivered.

*warning, SPOILER ALERT* 


A Reddit user started a thread about what has annoyed him the most this season. 

The user talks about how there are multiple moments throughout the show where they got mad, and mostly they were mad at the characters and how they handled things. However, this season, they found themselves being mad at the writers of the show.


They talk about how previously, they would be mad at characters because of how invested in the storyline they were.

Now, the way the writers are writing the show, they’re putting characters in situations that don’t make sense. They go on to explain this further;

‘I’m not angry at Arya for killing the Night King…I’m angry at the writers because it makes no sense.

I’m not angry at Dany for not seeing the ships that killed Rhaegal, I’m angry at the writers because ANYONE would be able to see a fleet of ships from that far up in the air.

I’m not angry at the characters that didn’t die during the battle of Winterfell…I’m angry at the writers for showing them in impossible situations and having them survive.’

Whenever you write a story, you have to make sure it’s believable, given the circumstances and the characters. Currently, fans are having a hard time digest some of the occurrences in the show, because they don’t fit in with the characters and the character progression we’ve seen for the past 7 seasons.


This person isn’t the only one who feels this way.


More and more scenes are being scrutinized. 


Some harsh words were used to describe Season 8. 


Meme references were made. 


A lot of people are standing behind the ‘its rushed’ argument. 


You know it’s bad when they compare a show to a soap opera. 


Or when fan theories are more entertaining. 


But this burn has got to win the day.


If you study how ‘Game of Thrones’ was written for the past 7 seasons and if you study how the characters have been developed, you will feel a sense of disappointment. These characters are either doing things that are unlike them or the show is moving too fast and everything seems rushed.

That being said, two episodes are still left and things could still shift. Even if that were to happen, it would be a poor move and raises the question as to why the writers waited for the entire season to make something exciting for the audiences.

What do you think of all this?

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