Brienne Got Used By Fuckboy Jaime And Girls Everywhere Are Relating To It

By Iman Zia | 6 May, 2019

Brienne and Jaime have a life-changing altercation in the latest episode of ‘Game Of Thrones.’


Heartbreak and unrequited love sculpted the latest season of ‘Game Of Thrones’ with fans bawling their eyes out for their treasured characters. After last week’s shocking battle-heavy episode, this week was more rewarding for angsty fans as it focused more on character relationships.

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After years of quite the complex relationship, shippers of Brienne and Jaime got what they wanted – for a short while at least.

A few episodes ago, Jaime knighted Brienne as a knight of Seven Kingdoms, and after the stressful Battle Of Winterfell, Brienne let down her guard (literally) and slept with Jaime. This could have been the cherry on top of the obliterating cake fans had been waiting for since season two, but knowing ‘Game Of Thrones,’ you can’t ever be happy for too long.

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After getting it on, Jaime reflected on all that had happened on the war front and basically WALKED OUT ON BRIENNE WHILE SHE SLEPT.

Jaime basically told a bawling-her-eyes-out-Brienne “the things we do for love” – before leaving her naked. In bed. After having sex with her. FUCKBOY MUCH? Jaime still had incestual feelings for Cersei, and couldn’t let them go. This was true emotional whiplash in its most ruthless form.

Fans couldn’t help feel for Tormund, who also found heartbreak in this episode and how HE WOULD NEVER HAVE TREATED BRIENNE THE WAY JAIME DID!


It begged to ask why so many of us girls swarm towards toxic fuckboys and not beautiful wonders like Tormund!







So relatable though.


While it was exquisite to see Brienne fully happy at long last, in typical ‘Game Of Thrones’ manner, it was all stripped from her not too long later; despite our tall hunni bunni successfully protecting Sansa Stark, defying gender bias laws to become a knight and sleeping with the man she loves, she ended up in the most awful situation – being left after losing her virginity by the man she loved. Sigh. Sorry to all Brienne and Jaime shippers. RIP.


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