People Are Accusing Kangana Ranaut For Using Sushant Singh Rajput For Her Own Gains

By Noor | 30 Jul, 2020

Kangana Ranaut has been pretty vocal about Sushant Singh Rajput

We all know how the tragic passing of Sushant Singh Rajput rekindled the nepotism debate in Bollywood.  As soon as the topic was brought under discussion, a lot of celebrities from Bollywood voiced their opinions by tweeting their stance on the issue.


Kangana Ranaut has been very vocal since Sushant Singh Rajput passed, about the evils of nepotism in Bollywood

Many in India have called her gutsy for raising her voice against the so-called mafia that she has been vocally against.


Kangana Ranaut has used the passing of Sushant to highlight the struggles of newcomers in Bollywood

The hyper-nationalist actress mentioned that directors operating under big banners often act with prejudice against the industry outsiders.


Though the actress initially received immense support from the people of her country, now in another turn of events, people are waking up to her actions

Many have accused the actress of using Sushant’s death as an opportunity to advance her covert ‘agendas’. They even mentioned the way the actress misled the police and the public in reference to Sushant’s suicide case.


People pointed out the way Kangana Ranaut is using the passing of Sushant Singh Rajput in trying to settle her own personal scores with people she holds a grudge against

We’re all aware of her very vociferous opposition to Alia Bhatt who has been amassing fans, awards and movies from all over the place.


People also highlighted how Kangana Ranaut not just used Sushant Singh Rajput but had exploited her fellows while shooting for her recent movie Manikarnika


Kangana was blamed for propagating nepotism in the industry from the start of her career and then turning on her own words when it suited her


The actress was called out for spreading negativity by her attention-seeking stunts


They mentioned that the actress has rightly been exposed for all her wrong-doings


People highlighted the u-turn in the statements made by Kangana


There were a few who supported the actress for unveiling the true faces of the Bollywood bigwigs

The investigation regarding Sushant’s case is still under the process and the police are trying to find all the related evidence. The case is getting more intense by the day and everyone’s attention is fixated at it. Here’s hoping truth does prevail, after all.


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