13 Hilarious Struggles Of Doing Qurbani During Corona Times You're All Going To Experience

By MangoBaaz Studio | 30 Jul, 2020

Qurbani with coronavirus is going to be hard but not impossible

After a long struggle, Pakistan is now finally observing a decline in COVID positive cases. The graph is finally going down and we could not be any more grateful for the situation improving. But remember Eid ul Fitr? Everyone went gaga over the eased lockdown and suddenly our cases spiked. So with Eid ul Azha just around the corner, we cannot let it happen again.

Here are 13 hilarious struggles we’ll all face but you need to be mindful of this Eid. Have a look:


1. The biggest struggle on any Eid but especially doing qurbani in coronavirus times is trying not to touch others

With all the bakra handling, Eid namaz-doing, meat distribution and whatnot, things are going to be challenging so don’t forget the SOPs.

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2. Keeping your hands clean is another one! So if you’re going out make sure you keep hand sanitizer with you all the time

They are going to be a lifesaver if there’s no water to wash up with. You can load up on hand sanitizers from Delite over here.

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3. And if by chance you don’t have a sanitizer, wash up with soap and water

For 20 seconds, at least!

Khayal Rakhien

Taking care of our hands, Is taking care of our Life! #KhayalRakhien

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4. While doing qurbani in the times of coronavirus you should also keep in mind that safety is in staying at least six feet away from other people who aren’t living with you

We still need to practice social distancing as much as possible because aap thak gaye hon gae lekin virus nahi thakta.

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5. Hangouts with friends are going to be virtual now

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6. Another factor of doing qurbani in the coronavirus era is to ensure proper disposal of all the waste

Sure, the carcasses and the skins of the slaughtered animals need to be properly disposed anyway, but during these times it’s especially important to do it safely. Wrap it all up, close up the disposal bags and make sure everyone’s safe and clean.

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7. You’re going to have to miss all the gatherings to grill and barbecue all your meat but if you’re really that desperate, make sure you have sanitizer and masks with you

We know this Eid is all about having barbecues and meat delicacies with friends and family. But such large gatherings are tremendously risky as the pandemic is still lurking around. If you do go out, you can keep yourself protected with Delite hand sanitizers that you can get from here.

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8. Wearing the mask is important but especially with qurbani during coronavirus times it can be a struggle managing it. Don’t be lazy about your safety!

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9. Avoid large crowds in closed spaces

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10. With all the meat distribution you’ll be doing after qurbani in the coronavirus times, remember to wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds after every interaction

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11. Oh and don’t forget to use a sanitizer on your hands if you don’t have water. Especially if you’re about to eat or touch your face

If you need a hand sanitizer, you can get one from Delite right here.

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12. Disinfecting your home, doorknobs and other surfaces can be a struggle but that’s what we have to do in this new normal

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13. Lastly, if you do by any chance feel a sneeze or cough coming cover your mouth with the inside of your arm every time you cough or sneeze

If you use a tissue, dispose it off immediately and wash your hands. This new normal isn’t just about keeping yourself safe but also those around you.

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Be careful and have a safe Eid!


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