Pakistanis Are Having A Tea Party On The Anniversary Of Abhinandan Being Served Fantastic Chai

By Noor | 27 Feb, 2020

Pakistanis having a tea party. Now that’s some fantastic tea!

After the Pulwama incident, exactly one year ago India tried to send jets into Pakistan as a surprise but got “surprised” back when the jets were downed and one now-famous Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was treated to some fantastic Pakistani tea. Despite this generosity by Pakistan, Indian authorities still tried to escalate tensions in the region by giving hype to the war hysteria and by making false claims of causing a large number of casualties by conducting Balakot strike which turned out to be casualties of trees and Pakistanis mourned their loss with great sorrow.


So, one complete year has passed since fantastic chai was served to our Indian neighbor and Pakistanis are having a tea party in celebration


People made sure to first remember the real fallen heroes on Pakistani side during that fateful event


While Pakistanis celebrated the tea party, they also made sure to honor the heroes who actually “surprised” Abhinandan and India

Quite a few people also mentioned how they missed the caustic commentary of former DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor.


The biggest topic of conversation on Pakistani social media is this anniversary

Notice how even Corona Virus, which has finally officially been diagnosed in Pakistan, is barely making the top five conversations. We definitely have our priorities set. Shhhrrrup.

Via Twitter


So, people took this opportunity to remind Indians not to try to “surprise” again unless they want to taste more Pakistani tea


Of course, Pakistanis took this tea party also as an opportunity to flex their meme skills

Here are some of the best jokes, memes and trolls by Pakistanis on social media:


But most of all, people made sure to thank the PAF for making sure that such “surprises” are returned with equal enthusiasm

Undoubtedly, Pakistan gave a befitting reply by shooting down the Indian jets and the way Pakistan treated the captured Indian pilot Mr. Abhinandan deserves appreciation. This celebration of the historic incident was indeed necessary, especially because of the aggressive measures that India has been taking recently, first by illegally occupying Kashmir and trying to incite more conflict with Pakistan, and more recently by pushing for more violence and blood against its own people.

Are you also celebrating the surprise day and the world’s biggest tea party? Let us know in the comments below how fantastic your tea is.


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Cover image via: / @AHsanChaudhry46 via Twitter

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