The New Pepsi Song Khel Ja Dil Se Is A Modern Classic & We Can't Get Enough Of It

By MangoBaaz Studio | 27 Feb, 2020

The new Pepsi song Khel Ja Dil Se is another foot-thumping hit that we can’t get enough of

It’s cricket season and the whole nation is infected with excitement and joy because of the Pakistan Super League 2020. Of course, every major tournament needs some great music and that is exactly what Pepsi did with Khel Ja Dil Se.


Pepsi just dropped the song Khel Ja Dil Se as a stunning tribute to the game of cricket

Not only did the song bring together some of the best musicians and singers of Pakistan but also several cricketers make an appearance in the music video.

Among singers we have Fawad Khan, Haroon Shahid, Aima Baig and Pepsi Battle of the Band’s very own Bilal Ali and Asfar Hussain lending their vocals to the song and making it so beautiful to hear that you will not be able to help but sing along.

pepsi song khel ja dil se 1
Source: Pepsi Pakistan


Cricket fans have been appreciating the visuals of the Pepsi song Khel Ja Dil Se, especially how it takes you on a beautiful tribute to the game

Iconic cricketers of today and legends of the past also make appearances in the song, bringing patriotism and enthusiasm to an even bigger high. We see Imad Wasim, Shahdab Khan, Wasim Akram and more make a cameo in the song.

pepsi song khel ja dil se 2
Source: Pepsi Pakistan


Khel Ja Dil Se is a cricket song for the ages, and music maestro David Kutch being a part of the production of this song is definitely one of the reasons

David Kutch also known as Dave Kutch is a Grammy award nominated music engineer who has worked with icons like Alicia Keys, Usher, Iron Maiden, P Diddy and other similarly legendary names among Hip Hop and R&B music. His contributions have definitely elevated the song to becoming a bop for the ages.

Pepsi Song Khel Ja Dil Se
Source: Pepsi Pakistan

Like we said, the song has a strong vibe to it that will make you want to get up and dance.


Honestly, there can’t be a better cricket song to pump up the entire nation and remind us of a simple fact: that we all love the game no matter what our differences

The song is an ode to the beautiful game the nation holds very dear to its heart. Considering this is the first PSL being played completely within Pakistan, the cricket song means even more to people than it would have otherwise.

Pepsi Song Khel Ja Dil Se 3
Source: Pepsi Pakistan


Check out the video of the song here:

What do you think of this brilliant song? Let us know in the comments below.


Cover Image Via: Pepsi Pakistan

This post has been sponsored by Pepsi Pakistan

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