Ghairat Ke Thaykedaar Are Issuing Threats To Aurat March & No One's Stopping Them

By Janita Tahir | 26 Feb, 2020

Aurat March has been a widely controversial topic ever since it started, about three years ago to mark Women’s Day in Pakistan as a collective moment of solidarity among women of the country. Critics, mostly right-leaning males, claim it’s a pointless movement that exploits feminism, however those defending it say that it’s in fact a platform for women to be able to voice their rights and issues to a larger public discourse. Regardless, while women fearlessly march on threats to their exitsence grow sinister each other.


Recently, Jamiat e Ulema e Islam leader Rashid Mehmoud threatened to take to the streets against Aurat March that’s going to happen on March 8, this year

As the tradition of the March continues, women who are participating have received many death threats. They’re being bullied online, threatened with assault and acid attacks and many attempts are being made to force down their voice.

The inflammatory speech by the JUI leader in Sukkur condemning them has caused even more serious threats to the safety if these marchers around the country.


While these threats against women and Aurat March are hardly new, it’s becoming more important to pay attention as the discourse around this March gets even more tense every year

This is not the first time women have faced threats like these. Every year, as the month of March is close, threats flood social media against those who plan to attend these Marches or discuss them online. This calls for some serious action in the way of protecting women in case something actually dangerous takes place.


A petition to ban Aurat March has also surfaced this year in Lahore

As animosity towards Aurat March increases, a petition to ban it all together has surfaced in Lahore High Court. While many people have spoken against the petition, the Lahore High Court has chosen to accept the petition even when it had the chance to throw the petition out on grounds of frivolity.


People have actively voiced their concerns over society’s hypocrisy at being threatened by a group of women and not by actual lives being endangered


Prime Minister Imran Khan has also been urged to step in and ensure that women are able to avail their constitutionally ensured right on Women’s Day

After the recent news of violence against Muslims in Delhi, Imran Khan had issued a statement condemning it and urging the world to take notice. PM Khan also issued a warning to anyone who targets minorities in Pakistan, saying that they are equal citizens.

Upon this, Pakistani women have taken to social media to urge the Prime Minister to take action for the protection of women as in many areas, women too are treated as minorities – even though they comprise almost half of the population.


Pakistani women are being utterly brave to speak up against centuries of systemic oppression despite such obvious threats to their lives. Here’s hoping that authorities take the right step in curtailing all the frivolous threats against the Aurat March that serve nothing but to incite fickle minded people to take violent measures.


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