Mohammad Amir Just Trolled “Dou Takkay Ki” Ayeza Khan And It's Actually Pretty Savage

By Maryam Khalid | 26 Feb, 2020

Mohammad Amir trolling Ayeza Khan for THAT dialogue is pretty savage

With PSL in full swing and Lahore Qalandars claiming their usual spot at the bottom of the points table, everything seems like it’s going as it should. This time around, though, the players are having a little bit of fun and in a video they were asked to identify Pakistani celebrities when Mohammad Amir unleashed some savage burns.


Mohammad Amir just trolled Ayeza Khan by recalling the now-infamousdou takkay ki aurat” dialogue

In a new video, some of the PSL players were asked to guess who each Pakistani celebrity was just by their faces. As soon as Mohammad Amir was shown Ayeza he couldn’t help but blurt out the controversial dialogue from Mere Pas Tum Ho.

By saying, ”iss dou takkay ki aurat kay liye 50 million dey dun?” Amir showed that he was pretty up-to-date on his pop culture knowledge.

Source: Pakistan Super League / YouTube

It wasn’t just Mohammad Amir who had some iconic moments when he was showed Ayeza Khan’s photo.


Naseem Shah also showed a lot of interest in Ayeza and he was being such a cutie

Naseem Shah exclaimed appeared smitten with Ayeza as he couldn’t stop looking at her while uttering, ”MashAllah pyari hai.’

Poor Naseem doesn’t know about Danish Taimoor but this moment was genuinely cute, one could almost hear violins playing behind Naseem as he fell for Ayeza.

Mohammad Hasnain then told Naseem that Danish (Humayun Saeed) died due to this girl, bringing back everyone to reality and showing that Mere Paas Tum Ho really was watched by one and all.

Source: Pakistan Super League / YouTube


Shahid Afridi couldn’t remember Ayeza’s name but told that she is playing a negative role in some drama

For someone who thinks women should remain in the kitchen, at least he knows that she’s a woman who isn’t confined to her kitchen 👀👀👀

Source: Pakistan Super League / YouTube


Players were also made to guess other famous celebrities and next in line was Humayun Saeed

And Hassan Ali flexed his meme knowledge by trolling Humayun Saeed’s character for dying in the last episode.

Source: Pakistan Super League / YouTube


Mohammad Amir said that Danish’s death was unfair but he is very much alive in spirit… okay?

Source: Pakistan Super League / YouTube

Humayun Saeed reminded Naseem Shah of the story when his brother called to tell him that Danish died and they had to go to his funeral. Naseem definitely doesn’t know anything besides cricket and we adore him for that.

On being asked about Mehwish Hayat, Amir said ”Punjab nahi jaungi”. But ab tou jana prega kyun kay PSL horaha hai.

Totally loving how well the cricketers know the entertainment industry.


Hassan Ali also did an on-point mimicry of Ayesha Sana with the iconic ”BRIGHT KAREIN” moment

Source: Pakistan Super League / YouTube


You can watch the entire video right here:


Loving our players showing a lighter side and flexing their pop culture knowledge. And Naseem we hope Ayeza sees your reaction to her and sends you her love.



Cover image via: Pakistan Super League via YouTube / Six Sigma Plus

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