‘Mere Paas Tum Ho' Has Broken Hearts After This Powerful Episode And I Totally Get Why

By Anoosha Rehan | 3 Nov, 2019

Drama serial ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ starring Humayun Saeed, Ayeza Khan and Adnan Siddiqui has been quite notable and talked about, ever since its first episode. While everyone has hated Ayeza Khan as Mehwish, the whole nation has come together in solidarity to show their sympathy and support for Danish, played by Humayun Saeed.

The episode that aired last night was easily one of the most heartbreaking ones. The dialogues, especially from this episode, have left everyone awestruck.

Episode 12 begins with Danish requesting Mehwish to celebrate their last wedding anniversary, which by the way, Mehwish had no memory about.

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On asking her husband if he’s insulting Mehwish, Danish says, “Kya baat kar rahi hou yaar. Deewanay kee aarzoo hai, poori kardou. Ab ruk gayi hou toh tham bhee jaaou.” He continues, “Kehtay hain, muhabbat na bhee rahay toh bharam rehnay detay hain.” 

And, dhak dhak. He comes back for one last request – for Mehwish to keep smiling as they cut the cake.

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And they do cut the cake! “Happy anniversary. Humesha khush rahou,” says Danish.

When Danish asks Mehwish to tell her where she kept all of the stuff, he says, “Sach bataoon? Mein tumharay siwa kuch bhee yaad nahin rakhta tha aur sochta tha kay baaqi cheezain tum yaad rakhti hou.” 

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Mehwish, as you might or might not be able to tell, is apathetic even after this, awaiting Shahwar sahab.

She calls up Shahwar, apparently because she’s too scared of the man that she has spent seven years with.

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Mehwish goes to her husband and says that Shahwar wants to come over, to which he chuckles, “Saalay kou maror uth rahay houngay.” He agrees to Shahwar coming over and while Mehwish stands up to go call him, Danish says, “Yahin beth ker baat karo na. Ab kesi sharam?” 

Hoo boy.

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“Yaad karou, kabhi tumhari koi baat taali thee menay? Toh aj kesay taalun ga?”

Kill me.

While prepping the house for Shahwar, Mehwish tries to help, but Danish stops her by saying, “Aray, rukhsati kay waqt koi kaam karta hai kya?”

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Although Shahwar had to come at 9 in the morning, because his very impatient girlfriend couldn’t wait, Danish starts to clean around. When Mehwish inquires what he’s doing, he says, “Ghar chahay chota hai magr apna bhee koi image hai yaar. Vou kya hai kay ghareeb hoon lekin ganda nahin hoon.”

He then forcefully asks Mehwish to sit and wait for her oh-so-charming boyfriend.

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Mehwish, now finally in her senses, realizes that her husband is bleeding and offers to help. He says, “Zakhm deye hain, kaafi nahin? Marham hai meray paas, mein laga ker aata hoon.”


Finally, he hands her over the divorce papers… and the whole nation is heartbroken at this point, I’m sure.

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No drama, no typical baddua, no rant – Danish just literally hands over Mehwish the divorce papers and asks her to keep them in her bag.

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Next, he serves the couple tea. Mehwish intrudes again, offering to help him make tea. Using his exceptional power of words, he stops her now ex-wife in the most ‘polite’ way, “Nahin. Tum mat banana, tumharay haath kee chai nahin peeyoun ga mein.” 

Danish then exchanges a soul-crushing conversation with Shahwar sahab.

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He talks to Shahwar about the time he loved Mehwish.

He begins, “Jab mein iss say pyaar karta tha aur jab ye mujhsay pyaar kerti thee, toh mera qadd pooray 6 foot tha. Gardan mein thori akar thee. Vou kya hai jab biwi wafadaar hou, toh mard tann kay chalta hai.” He pauses, then says, “Lekin Shahwar sahab, qadd chouta hougya mera.” 

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“Ye mard aurat ka rishta bhee ajeeb houta hai, Shahwar sahab. Vou nazar bhar kay dekhti rahay toh khuda kardeti hai, aur nazar pher le toh khuda say juda kerdeti hai.”

Hearing this exchange of conversation that Mehwish perhaps wasn’t ready for, she gets up and tries to go in her room. Danish stops her, “Kamray mein kesay jaa sakti hou tum? Kamray say rehai ka parwana de chukka hoon tumharay haath mein. Tum wahan nahin jaa sakti.”

Danish then bids his final goodbye and also serves his final blow. As he shakes Shahwar Sahab’s hand, he says, “Iss dou takkay kee larki kay liye ap mujhay 50 million de rahay thay?” 

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After Mehwish refuses to have tea, Danish asks, “Toh phir jaaou, yahan kyun kharri hou? Aaou mein tumhay darwazay tak chour aata hoon.” Danish then expresses his wonderment at the poor business skills of Shahwar who offered him 50 million in exchange of iss dou takkay kee larki.

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The episode was absolutely powerful. Although the drama has received a lot of unanimous love throughout, this one episode weighs greater than all. Have you seen the episode? Let us know your views about it, in the comments below!


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