19 Pictures That'll Remind You Of Your Bachpan If You Grew Up In Pakistan

By Hafsa Ahmad | 2 Nov, 2019

If you grew up in Pakistan, you know that it’s an experience on its own, and your childhood is a whole another special time in your life altogether. If you’re a true desi, here are some pictures from your childhood that will really get them nostalgic feels coming!

1. Ludo

This is how all wars started. This is how the concept of betrayal was rooted in our minds. This game ended friendships and began rivalries.

2. Commander Safeguard

Via Wikifandom

Ah, yes. The hero we needed and deserved. From Commander Safeguard to Kachra Raani, every character holds a special place in every Pakistani’s childhood.

3. Ainak wala jin

source: PTV Home

This show was just downright iconic.

4. Telefun

If you didn’t sing along to this ad, did you even have a childhood?

source: Telefun/Facebook

5. These collectibles

source: needtocollect-wordpress.com

God knows how many Cheetos and Top Pops I’ve had to JUST to collect these.

6. Chocki

Seriously miss these little tubes of chocolatey goodness.

source: change.org

7. This box of deceit and lies

Via Twitter

This is literally the key cause of trust issues in Pakistanis. Not even exaggerating.

8. These prank gums

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Totally convinced by this point that growing up in Pakistan is all about betrayal.

9. Charre wali gun

source: flipkart.com

Everybody gangsta till a charra hits your eye.

10. These colorful chips

Chips? Cool rings? Why not both?

11. Collecting these glasses

Drinking out of these banged differently.

12. These phones

Style main rehne ka.

13. This Nokia phone and the Snake game it had

The only acceptable way to use a phone, tbh.

14. This typical red lunch box

Via Twitter

15. These amazing drawing boards

The iPad could never.

16. Stabbing erasers till they looked something like this

source: blogspot.com

Major trypophobia alert, but WHY did we all do this?

17. The patterned kambal

Ah yes. A winter staple.

18. Chittars


Okay, no one probably misses these but let’s admit it, they were a big part of our childhood.

19. Jalebiyan

This book was the life of the entire curriculum and we all agree.

source: bookgroup.org.pk

Did we miss anything? Have something to add. Drop your suggestions in the comments below.


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Cover image via PTV Home and @irdkmaham/Instagram

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