This Is How Different Life Was In 2010 Vs How Life Is Like Now In 2020

By Kashaf | 26 Feb, 2020

2010 vs 2020: Life has really changed in just a decade


A lot changes in 10 years. From selfies to makeup and technology – we thought we would sum up some of the most shocking changes that occurred a decade ago, by taking a little trip down memory lane.

source: 10 by 10 Entertainment

Here are some pictures that show how different 2010 vs 2020 really were.


1. Technology in 2010


Technology in 2020



2. Fashion in 2010

via tumblr

Fashion in 2020

source: Sana Safinaz


3. Your cameral roll in 2010


Your camera roll in 2020

source: Indian Youtube


4. Cricket in 2010


Cricket in 2020



5. Makeup in 2010

source: Sadia Khan/ Facebook

Makeup in 2020

source: @sadiakhanofficial/ Instagram


6. Cars in 2010


Cars in 2020



7. Eyebrows in 2010


Eyebrows in 2020

source: @sadafkanwal/ Instagram


8. Lahore in 2010

2010 vs 2020 lahore then

Lahore in 2020

2010 vs 2020 lahore now


9. Biryani in 2010

2010 vs 2020 biryani then

Biryani in 2020

2010 vs 2020 biryani now


10. Flower Crowns in 2010

2010 vs 2020 filters then

Flower Crowns in 2020

2010 vs 2020 filters now
source: @mawrellous/ Instagam


11. Games in 2010

2010 vs 2020 games then

Games in 2020

2010 vs 2020 games now


12. Lips in 2010

2010 vs 2020 lips then

Lips in 2020

2010 vs 2020 lips now
Source: @kyliejenner / Instagram


13. Social media in 2010

2010 vs 2020 internet then

Social media in 2020

@ch.zulqarnain25Kittay door wy haniya💕🔥 #zulqarnainfam♬ original sound – satviksankhyan


14. Hanging out with people in 2010



Hanging out with people in 2020

Source: Farooq Naeem / AFP via Getty Images

What has changed in your life in the past 10 years?

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