Modi Just Called The American President “Doland Trump” And Indians Can't Stop Trolling Their Own PM

By Aam Nawab | 25 Feb, 2020

Modi calling him Doland Trump is awkward AF

Yesterday, the US President Donald Trump arrived in India on a 36 hour visit. Most commentators are speculating that the visit is in order to show strength and alliance between the two countries as Mr. Trump is seeking election and Mr. Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister is looking to distract from the crisis that his recent anti-minority policies have caused in his home country.


On the very first day of his trip to India, Donald Trump had a massive rally with the Indian Prime Minister in Modi’s home state of Gujarat

The massive rally in Motera Stadium, Ahmedabad was attended by more than 100,000 people and while there was a big show of Indian and American friendship, the event wasn’t without its hiccups.

Modi Doland Trump 1


One of the biggest highlights of the event was when Modi welcomed “Doland Trump”, his friend from America

Yes, you read that right. The Indian Prime Minister called the American President “Doland” Trump. Here’s proof of what proved to be a very difficult name for Mr. Modi to pronounce:


Naturally, this led to many, many Indians trolling their own Prime Minister


Others made fun of both the leaders because even Mr. Trump had messed up pronunciations during his speech at the event

Donald Trump’s pronunciations of Virat Kholi, Sachin Tendulkar and even Modi’s profession i.e. being a chaiwala were also a source of great fun for many.


But the funniest jokes were about what Modi saying “Doland Trump” actually meant for desis

If you know Urdu or Hindi you know what the connotation of the mispronounced name “Doland” really is and I’m sure you’ve uttered at least a chuckle.


Aah to be a world leader who’s not only trolled for being evil but also gives opportunities to people to troll them even more by being stupid. Am I talking about Mr. Doland Trump or Mr. Modi? Guess you’ll never know.


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