This German TV Channel Just Called Modi The Son Of Hitler And People Can't Stop Trolling Him

By Anoosha Rehan | 25 Dec, 2019

Modi and Hitler are being compared these days because of recent events in India

Adolf Hitler has become infamous as the most cruel leader that modern history has witnessed. He is the epitome of inhumanity and insensitivity. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now being compared to Hitler after recent events. Modi has exhibited callousness and still persistently exhibits brutality by occupying Kashmir and for the recent laws against Muslims in India.


Recent events in India have put Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi out of favor of quite a few people around the world

The way his government has handled the citizenship act, targeting Muslims has finally woken up the world. Even though Pakistan has long been trying to counter the foolishness he has exhibited over recent years, particularly by falsely accusing Pakistan and putting the two countries at the brink of war just to win elections.



A German news channel just compared Modi to Hitler by showing him as Hitler’s son

Although Modi isn’t exactly receiving a lot of love these days for his government’s recent actions but this image has caused quite the controversy because of how everyone understands Nazi Germany’s leader Hitler to be.

In the image propagated by the German channel, Modi was held by Hitler like the Lion King scene therefore implying that he would be taking Hitler’s legacy forward. The headline, accompanying the image, literally translates into “More and more dead in India.”

Now that comparison between Modi and Hitler can be made because of how Modi’s recent laws are directly targeting Muslims and his followers are claiming a “pure Hindu” India would be achieved. Hitler, back in his day, had led the infamous holocaust targeting Jews because he was looking for a “pure” Germany.


DG ISPR sahab seems to have enjoyed this Modi and Hitler comparison quite a lot

General Asif Ghafoor responded instantly to this image by the German channel and called it, “beginning of the..”


Shahid Afridi also commented about this Modi – Hitler comparison

He responded to the DG ISPR by further adding that Modi is losing time and it’s high time for him to undo his actions, as the whole world is coming to oppose them.


People are having the time of their lives trolling the Modi Hitler comparison


Some are going a little too far and saying they’re hoping to see the end of Modi just like that of Adolf Hitler’s

Umm… maybe not? Hitler’s reign ended in a bloody world war, after all and what with all the nuclear armed world now, let’s not cheer for war.

Perhaps this show of Modi as Hitler’s son is one step towards the world really waking up to fascist tendencies that have recently developed around the world in the name of “nationalism”. The trolls are definitely enjoying their time comparing Modi and Hitler but here’s hoping there is actual, diplomatic and fruitful pushback against such regimes all over the globe.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.


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