NUST Just Responded To Rumors Of A Student Being Raped On Campus & People Aren't Buying It

By Aam Nawab | 25 Dec, 2019

NUST responded to rape accusations after rumors began recently

Mishandling sexual assault and violence accusations is an issue that plagues higher education institutions around the world. Certainly Pakistan is no exception either. The most worrying part about the entire culture is not only the stigma for the victim, surrounding it but for accusations that universities try to protect their reputation than provide justice and a safe space to students. NUST has found itself amidst a similar situation.


Recently rumors started circulating of a NUST student allegedly being raped on campus

Last evening, rumors spread on social media that a female student in NUST said she had been allegedly raped on campus by a construction worker. The allegation spread like wildfire on social media, people started talking about how NUST was allegedly trying to ‘bury’ the incident by denying its occurrence.


As the news spread across social media, NUST responded to rape accusation rumors with an official statement

The  long winded statement, presented as a Twitter thread claimed that fabricated accusations of rape and propagating that information were the worst acts possible. They completely denied the claims, said an investigation had taken place and nothing was found. They ended their response Twitter thread  by telling everyone not to believe the allegations and that NUST was a safe campus.



However, people are not happy with NUST handling rape accusations in such a manner

Many are accusing NUST of making a joke out of the statement and responding with a callous attitude that not only blames the victim and gaslights the accusations but also tries to pass it off as a non-serious rumor.


People pointed out how the statement from NUST about rape accusations sounded very inconsiderate


Others demanded that there should be an official inquiry by the university before NUST dismisses rape accusation rumors like this

People talked about how they should have presented the results of the official inquiry which they had claimed had been carried out.


While the university itself has not made public details of whether or not an investigation was conducted, people online have further shared details of the alleged incident.

The university has not made any further comment on the accusations or the public anger in response to their statement.

Hopefully official authorities will take notice of the allegations and conduct a proper investigation before responding to the accusations by denying them completely. The alleged incident has shaken a lot of students up and making them question their safety on their own campuses as well as the response from their university’s administration if an unpleasant incident occurs.


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