This 5-Year-Old Islamabadi Boy Umar, Kidnapped By His Cousins, Was Just Found Dead

By Anoosha Rehan | 25 Dec, 2019

Five-year-old Islamabadi boy Umar was kidnapped by his cousins

A five-year-old child, Umar, was reported to be missing on December 22nd. He was missing from Kashmir Colony, Islamabad. Pictures of Umar circulated around social media and DIG Islamabad was urged to look for him, as soon as possible. Today, Umar was found dead in the house that he was kept in. He was abducted and held by his uncle and cousins.


Five year old Islamabadi boy Umar was reported to be missing two days ago


The kidnapper, Hamza, turned out to be the cousin of Islamabadi boy Umar

Hamza and his friends who were alleged accomplices in the act have been arrested.


Umar was found dead in the house he was kept in by his kidnappers for ransom

Everyone is heartbroken over the brutality that was shown.


People are horrified to the core to learn about the extent relatives can go to, for the sake of vicious reasons



Many are just left wondering when justice will prevail

It is devastating how it has become difficult to trust even your own relatives because apparently, money overpowers everything including humanity. We hope the kidnappers and murderers get the deserved punishment.


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Cover image via: @ICT_Police via Twitter / @jaameshirin via Twitter

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