A 4 Year Old Boy Was Allegedly Raped In His School In Karachi And The School Is Refusing To Take Responsibility

By Hafsa Ahmad | 13 Nov, 2019

The ordeal of this 4 year old boy from Karachi is unimaginable

Sexual abuse is a disorder that seeks no gender, age or clothing. It’s a disgusting crime that needs to be punished but at the same time perpetrators need to be evaluated to ensure why they commit such barbaric actions.


A 4 year old boy from Karachi was allegedly raped multiple times in his school

According to people who are reporting the incident on social media, the child was raped by the school security guard and a sweeper. The horrendous incident allegedly took place in the Beacon Light School of Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi.


According to the FIR, the 4-year-old boy from Karachi complained of pain in his large intestines when he got back home and that’s when it was found out that he was raped

His mother took a closer look at his body and found out that his uniform and body had traces of fecal matter. The mother further inquired her child about what had happened and the nursery student revealed that he has been raped at his school.

The child allegedly identified his harassers as Zulfiqar and Niazi and recognized the room he was raped in.

source: @40Mak7 / Twitter


The school is, however, said to be denying all responsibility regarding the 4 year old student

It is being reported that the school is allegedly trying to protect their staff and not hold the alleged perpetrators accountable for their actions toward the child.

While talking to MangoBaaz, a neighbor of the child who shared the incident on their personal social media said, “the child’s family does not want to come at the front. His grandfather is already dealing with the police and the school.”

Incidents like these only reveal how we have a long way to go before we can be a society that is able to properly address such heinous crimes, let alone discuss them. The victim shaming attitude is not just limited to blaming women about the type of clothes they might have worn or their behavior toward their abusers, children like this boy are equally shamed.

Given the way events have transpired, each one of us shoulders the responsibility to do more than we have. Vigils to remember the deceased and tweets sending out thoughts and prayers may offer peace of mind, but we’re not living in a time that requires us to look for peace in such immense chaos. On an individual level, we can all still make enough noise and pledge to not stop till we see any semblance of change.


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