Here's How Things Escalated Too Quickly In India And Pakistan Was Blamed For It All

By Ramsha Bhatti | 19 Feb, 2019

India has been releasing word missiles ever since the Pulwama terrorist incident took place. Pakistan has been under a lot of fire since insults and threats are constantly being hurled at us. However, things in India are constantly getting out of hand as Indians continue to spew hate against us and it’s worrisome to a certain extent.


The Pulwama attack was what instigated the heat we are experiencing today.

What happened was on 14th of February, an Indian convoy on Jammu Srinagar National Highway was targeted and attacked in the Pulwama district of India, which resulted in numerous casualties. Jaish-e-Mohammad claimed the responsibility for the terrorist activity and everything went downhill from there.


While the act itself is highly condemnable and many Pakistani’s extended their condolences for the martyrs and their families; India, on the contrary, had other plans for dealing with the critical situation at hand.


India did not let go of the opportunity and started bashing Pakistan, as a whole, instantaneously.

Pakistan, once again, was referred to as a hostile, terrorist nation, and many other names of the like. The situation was used for various ulterior motives and to satisfy numerous political agendas since Indians love hearing the age-old narrative of “destroying Pakistan.”

While Pakistan tried to be level-headed and asked India for proofs supporting their claims against Pakistan, India has been bashing us left, right, and center with no proof.


Indian media and social media, alike, went up in flames and have been tweeting against Pakistan for days without rest.  

India’s open display of hate for Pakistan has been catching on with every single day.


While Pakistan is confident of their military and has the utmost trust in them, the overall situation is problematic nonetheless.

To further add fuel to the already raging fire, some Indian celebrities also took to stage to voice their contempt for Pakistan. 

Many celebrities decided to stick to sending out condolences and avoided making any hateful comments.

The situation does appear too bleak and tougher than ever, but it’s not like all Indians are ready to wage war against us.


There have been a few celebrities who have been supporting India’s hostility towards Pakistan.


Some are even condoning war against us which is something no one would want or should support.

How is war the answer to anything? I am sure joint efforts to combat with such groups to avoid similar incidents in the future is the correct way to go about, not suggesting invading another country when your own people are being targetted by extremist organizations.


The ties between Indian and Pakistan seem to be deteriorating with Pakistan with each and every second.

The constant anti-Pakistan movement in India is becoming a source of discomfort for not only Pakistan but Indians who are associated with us as well. Veteran actors, Shabana Azmi, and Javed Akhtar were to visit Pakistan for a cultural event but canceled their plan post the terrorist activity in an attempt to show solidarity and empathy towards the martyrs.


But even that has failed to satisfy the Anti-Pakistan mindset of many Indians. 

Even after canceling their commitment with the Karachi Arts Council, the couple is still receiving flak for having cordial relations with Pakistan in the first place.

Kangana seems to have a special hate for Pakistan.

India continues to establish the fact that it will not tolerate any leniency or cordiality towards Pakistan, even if it comes at the expense of its own people. Indians are really out there humiliating and defaming each other for showing support for Pakistan, and it’s nothing short of disturbing.


Now India is resorting to petty ways to get back at what they think is Pakistan’s fault

The country is making sure it does whatever it can to somehow “destroy” Pakistan. Apparently, cutting off political ties with Pakistan failed to suffice so Indians are now turning to other, rather very petty methods, to inflict bigger blows on us.

Like, removing Pakistani artists’ compositions from their music labels

Apparently, songs composed by Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan have been removed from T-Series’s Youtube channel, which won’t really do much harm to Pakistan, tbh.


And canceling any co-hosted cultural events.


India is causing more harm to its own people in an attempt to get back at Pakistan.

In light of everything that has been going on, Sidhu has been sacked from his position at his popular T.V show and I have no idea how this supports the entire situation.


India is leaving no stone unturned in an attempt to deteriorate further any remaining relations with Pakistan


Meanwhile in Pakistan

What India is going through, as a nation, is understandable. Even Pakistan is inconsolable when a dreaded and nefarious attack such as the APS terrorist attack takes place. However, in such situations, it is better to have prominent figureheads show solidarity towards their fellow nationals rather than have them spill hateful comments for others. India is taking drastic measures and many Indians are making statements which are only worsening the conditions between the nations and ruining any future possibilities of peace and better relations.


The way the hate-fueled narrative is being pushed, and so close the the general elections in India, it does feel suspiciously easy for Modi-led BJP Government to blame it on Pakistan

Mr. Modi has a history of giving a platform to anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim sentiments. After all, it was in his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat in India when widespread massacre of Muslims happened and some reports say it was backed by the government of that state.


It is important for India to understand the fact that the geo-political environment of the world is very different from that of the 70s. It cannot violate another country’s sovereignty and needs to follow the predetermined political protocols if it wishes to take action against Pakistan.

Other than that, any sane human condemns any acts of violence and my heart reaches out to the families of the martyrs. Keeping our political differences aside, human life is the most precious thing in this world and to see so many lives being sacrificed to the extremist and violent mindsets of certain people and groups is heartbreaking.


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