Indian Air Force Chief Just Accepted That India Made A “Big Mistake” On February 27 By Blaming Pakistan

By Sana Yasmeen | 5 Oct, 2019

Indian Air Force chief just accepted his “big mistake”

A Mi-17 chopper crashed in Srinagar on February 27th, 2019 and this created a series of chaotic turnouts through the border, between Pakistan And India. Indian authorities claimed to have shot down a Pakistani plane by the use of their efficient missile system to which Pakistani officials rejected such claims. Despite the rejection of such claims by both Pakistani officials and the International news networks, Indians celebrated to their fullest about their victorious shot!


Indian Air Force chief recently accepted that India made a “big mistake” on February 27

Indian Air force Chief Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria has said that the Mi-17 chopper crash in Srinagar on February 27 was caused after it was hit by an Indian missile by mistake.


They had threatened Pakistan with war in February when they had made false claims that Pakistan shot their chopper

The Mi17 V5 chopper was shot down at Budgam near Srinagar a day after IAF fighters went into Pakistani territory. The incident took place in the backdrop of heavy shelling and firing from across the border after the Balakot strike.


Turns out that they had mistaken their helicopter as the “enemy aircraft”

The officers handling the air defense system at that time had mistaken their helicopter for an enemy aircraft. Much to their surprise, it was found that the helicopter crashed 10 minutes after take-off. Visuals showed the wreckage of the chopper in flames and a large number of villagers gathered around it.

A court of inquiry found that the chopper was brought down by friendly fire from the Spyder air defense missile system at the Srinagar airbase.


People are obviously getting mixed feelings of anger and happiness after Indian Air Force finally accepted their own fault in rising tensions but clearly, nobody was surprised

Of course, people came up with “told you so’s” and “hamein pehly sae pata tha” …


People also speculated that the reason why it wasn’t accepted before could be to help Modi’s election campaign which hinged on fighting Pakistan

It does make sense. It took seven months for India to figure out that the remains of the disfigured helicopter were of their helicopter and not a Pakistani Aircraft as they first had claimed for it to be. And within these seven months, elections took place and to everyone’s great surprise, Modi was reelected.


People were thoroughly confused as to the series of events that took place back then

Of course, questions have to be raised to truly get to the root of logic that the Indian officials were and are using.


Of course trolling the Indian Air Force couldn’t be forgotten

If it is not a crash, it will be a shot and that too from their very effective missile system. Fantastic.

Immediately after Abhinandan was captured by Pakistan Army, Indian filmmakers had rushed to grab titles for their upcoming films regarding the heroic actions of Abhinandan and the dare-devil risk taken by Indian forces after the Pulwama attack.


Unfortunately for some people, they still couldn’t believe it

These people straight up called Indian Chief of Air staff, a liar and still stuck to their previous claims which have been proved to be false so many times ke ab bas!

Anyways, Do tell us what you think in the comments below.



Cover Image via : @gulf_news via Twitter

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