Indians Tried To Troll Pakistan After Donald Trump Agreed To A Joint Rally With Modi But It Backfired

By Janita Tahir | 18 Sep, 2019

Donald Trump saying Howdy Modi will be… interesting

Recently, it was announced that Trump will be joining Modi on September 22, in his rally in Houston which was named “Howdy, Modi!” to sound witty, I suppose.


The fact that Donald Trump is doing a rally with Modi in the US definitely caused a lot of interesting debate

The Modi-Trump rally is apparently an opportunity to show strong ties between the United States and India and more than 50,000 people are estimated to attend.

Of course, Indians celebrated this event and never one to miss the chance to take a dig at Pakistanis, they decided to take some swipes at Imran Khan.


Indians thought Donald Trump and Modi doing a joint rally was somehow a burn for Imran Khan


They said Modi is more clever than Imran Khan… I wonder how and why does this rally make him more clever


They tried very hard to fire all sorts of petty insults

Source: The Times of India/Facebook


However, they failed miserably because the Pakistanis had other opinions

I mean sure, the petty insults were cute and all but one can’t really forget that this rally comes amidst a time when Pakistan is fiercely vocalizing its support for Kashmir. To be really honest, aside from the Indians, the world itself is not so pleased to see these two authoritarians join hands. People wondered if Trump would say anything about Kashmir.

Given the controversial pasts and presents of each ruler, the Modi-Trump union is hardly something to feel joyous over. Pakistanis wonder if they are going to address the Kashmir Issue considering how badly the victims of Kashmir need the people in power to help.


Some cringed at the ridiculous name of the rally

I mean “Howdy Modi!” is not a name to be proud of. It was straight-up vomit-inducing for some.


Even some brave Indians themselves were calling out the union

Well, fascism loves company, I guess.


Some people called the Modi-Trump unit part of the same gang

People sick of the heartlessness exhibited by people in power are outraged to the point of calling them racists and thugs.


After all, Kashmir continues to suffer while they celebrate a joint rally

It’s almost horrifying how these people are desensitized to human suffering.


Americans also had some things to say about the Modi-Trump rally

Previously Trump had offered to mediate between India and Pakistan on matters of Kashmir but India had declared it a bilateral issue and Indians proceeded to curse out Trump. Now suddenly, he is their best friend. Interesting, how the tides change.


Regardless, everyone knows they will get some funny moments out of this joke

Considering the theatrics both of these rulers like to play out, there’s no doubt the rally would be an entertaining one.

Will the issue of Kashmir be brought up (lol who’re we kidding, it won’t)? Is this combined rally a wise decision? Do you think Pakistan has more to lose than gain from these turn of events? Let us know in the comments.



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