Akcent Met DG ISPR For A ‘Fantastic Cup Of Tea' Last Night & Pakistanis Are Loving The Shade

By Sana Yasmeen | 26 Nov, 2019

Akcent had their fantastic cup of tea, finally

The Romanian pop band Akcent has managed to gain a massive fan following in Pakistan with sensational music and their very ‘obvious’ love for Pakistan and its people.


Earlier, Akcent had expressed their wish to have tea with DG ISPR which was warmly reciprocated

On October 19th, Akcent tweeted out their plans to visit Pakistan in November and expressed how they would “LOVE” to have a ‘fantastic cup of tea’, all while tagging Mag. Gen Asif Ghafoor too. Of course, their love was reciprocated and DG ISPR scheduled ‘tea’ in his office.


Akcent finally had the fantastic tea yesterday and we are honestly loving the shade

Keeping his word, DG ISPR Gen Asif Ghafoor had a meeting with Akcent and not just that, there was the most anticipated tea too! *Shrupp*

Akcent posted a video on his social media accounts to express how ‘fantastic’ Pakistani tea is.


Akcent getting his fantastic tea is making Pakistanis lose their minds a little too hard



People are also thanking Abhinandan for making Pakistani tea so famous


Okay, who even comes up with such ideas man? XDD


People also wondered how the neighbors must be feeling about this shade

Feeling fantastic with Abhinandan and others.



Some even wondered if this is why Kalbushan Jadav hasn’t managed to leave yet


There are no borders when it comes to social media but there ARE CERTAIN borders in meme wars I guess


All in all, people just shared how they’re loving Akcent and the shade

Who wouldn’t LOVE Akcent, I mean, c’mon.

Well well, it’s always fun to see people being creative with their responses. Anyways, It is so good to see celebrities coming all the way to Pakistan and actually being involved here.


PAF Just Dedicated A Section To Abhinandan In A Museum In Karachi & Indians Need Burnol


Cover image: @akcentofficial via Instagram/ @Akcentofficial via Twitter

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