Here's How Pakistanis Are Reacting After The Supreme Court Suspended General Bajwa's Extension As Chief Of Army Staff

By Aam Nawab | 26 Nov, 2019

Supreme Court suspended notification for General Bajwa being given extension

The general assumption has been that the military forces are the most organized institutions in Pakistan. Therefore they are also considered, by many, the most suitable final authority in matters of state security. However, being a democracy, institutions like the Supreme Court, the Legislature and the office of the President can sometimes have a power struggle with the military. This is exactly what’s shocking many Pakistanis right now.


Earlier today the Supreme Court just dismissed the Government’s notification for General Bajwa being given extension to serve as the Chief of Army Staff

Back in August Prime Minister Imran Khan had given a notification for the extension of General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s extension. However, in the recent hearings the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, raised a concern that the notification can only be issued by the President of Pakistan. Owing to this and concerns over the timeline and cabinet’s approval, the chief justice said that “the summary and approval of army chief’s extension is not correct”. Therefore, the notification for the extension of General Bajwa’s tenure as the Chief of Army Staff has been dismissed until tomorrow.



Naturally people are in shock over the decision of the Supreme Court regarding General Bajwa

It is unprecedented that the highest court of Pakistan has come into direct conflict with the Chief of Army Staff regarding his extension in such a way so people across Pakistan are pretty shocked.


There are those who are praising the Chief Justice for making a name in history for what they believe is a Justice of the Court standing up the Army

People who are critical of the Army’s involvement in matters beyond security at the borders, have praised Chief Justice Khosa for his decision to call into question the controversial nature of the notification for extension of Chief of Army Staff’s tenure.


Many others are defending that the appointment and extension of General Bajwa has been according to Army Rules


There are jokes being made about the whole situation as well


Regardless of where people stand, the decision of the Supreme Court regarding General Bajwa is dominating Pakistani social media

People are pretty divided with their passionate opinions.

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What do you think about the decision of the Supreme Court regarding General Bajwa and the legality of his extension?


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