Feroze Khan Just Called TikTok A Cancer And Some People Are Calling Him A Hypocrite

By Maryam Khalid | 27 Feb, 2020

TikTok is arguably the most famous social media platform right now. From making iconic young stars for the world within days and giving us the latest hit songs and dances, it has power and influence like no other. The ever-growing platform produces all sorts of content every day, but many people are skeptical of it, mostly because they don’t really understand it. Remember Fahad Mustafa asking parents to keep their children away from TikTok? Well, turns out he has fellow actors agreeing with him


Feroze Khan just called TikTok a “cancer” and while it’s a strongly worded statement, it’s definitely not something to joke about


Feroze Khan dissed TikTok by sharing his opinion over two recently viral videos in Pakistan that appear to have come from the app

The first one seems like the girl is lying around in a graveyard, where the girl claims to be “taking a sunbath” on what appears to be a grave.

The second one is the girl dancing in front of Jinnah’s Mausoleum in Karachi. Her video had started a massive debate online and according to some reports, a few people have already been arrested in connection to this video.


Naturally, quite a few people agreed with Feroze Khan calling TikTok out


Many started demanding severe punishments over the viral videos


Many even called for the app to be banned altogether


But there are those who called out Feroze Khan for comparing TikTok to a serious disease


They joked about the hypocrisy over trying to call out an app for propagating problematic behavior while also doing dramas that do the same


Others tried to reason that banning is not the solution because banning things cuts you off from progress instead of doing anything to “protect” anyone

Nowadays, TikTok has definitely become a shortcut to overnight fame thanks to the incredible virality of the app. While one does need to be careful fo not going overboard for attention, this behavior is a side affect to such platforms. Generalizing the whole platform because of some very few videos that are made with the exact intention of grabbing attention is a very reductive argument. Instead of getting scared and angry and trying to ask for outright bans, it would be more prudent to try and understand how to make the usage of these apps and platforms more progressive and more positive.


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