11 Times Pakistani Celebrities Offended The FUCK Out Of The Ghairat Brigade In 2018

By Iman Zia | 31 Dec, 2018

2018 has been a very, VERY scandalous year in the eyes of the ghairat brigade. From mid-riffs to skirts, and on the few occasions getting a little ‘too intimate’ in photo shoots, Pakistani celebrities really did offend the ghairat brigade to the point of no return.

So as we rewind 2018, here are thirteen times our celebrities were far too offensive for the sleepless moral police.

Source: StudioCanal/Working Title Films/Big Talk Productions


1. That time Mahira wore ripped jeans (Astagh)

Source: @AllPakistanDramaPage / Facebook


2. When Syra Shahroz and Shahroz Sabzwari went on a beautiful Valentine’s date and posted this picture – but alas the ghairat brigade had to declare a state of emergency

Source: @shahrozsabzwari/Instagram


3. When Saba Qamar had the audacity to hold a cigarette for a photo shoot


4. That time Hania Aamir wore the most beghairat saree known to mankind and it set off alarms everywhere

Source: @allpakdramapage/Instagram


5. Remember when Ayesha Omar recently dressed up as a sexy maid for Halloween? Clearly a big no-no in the eyes of the ghairat brigade

Source: @allpakdramapage/Instagram


6. Komal Rizvi too dared to dress up as Cleopatra, but alas she too fell into the hands of being called haraam


7. The usually adored Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir recently did a bridal inspired photo-shoot for ‘Diva Pakistan’ magazine, and their intimacy in the photos was hardly well received

Source: @ashna_khan/Instagram


8. Hina Altaf wearing a bindi to celebrate Diwali…how could she?

Source: @hinaaltaf/Instagram


9. …Oh, and then when she did this GORGEOUS shoot that once again, the moral police couldn’t handle so attacked her

Source: @allpakdramapage/Instagram


10. Models Abeer Rizvi and Zara Abid having fun on holiday and minding their own business? Oh no, no, no – the ghairat brigade won’t let that happen…

Source: @allpakdramapage/Instagram


11. Ayesha Omar literally wore a dress with barely any skin showing…but even she couldn’t escape the shackles of the moral police wale

Source: @allpakistandramapage / Facebook


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