Can Someone Please Explain Why Sajal And Ahad's Latest Photo Shoot Is Getting So Much Hate?

By Iman Zia | 26 Oct, 2018

Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir’s new photoshoot for Pakistani magazine ‘Diva Magazine’ has caused quite the stir. The two close friends have been under the national radar for the longest time, with many speculating whether they’re more than just friends. While both actors have been tight-lipped regarding the status of their relationship, this new photo-shoot has delighted many ‘Sahad’ fans who wish for nothing more than to see the two get married!


The gorgeous Sajal and Ahad graced fans with a beautiful shaadi inspired photoshoot, with both actors looking utterly breathtaking

Source: @ashna_khan/Instagram


The magazine behind the shoot, ‘Diva Magazine’ has been releasing one photo from the shoot each day, and while many have fallen in love with the intimate shoot, others have raised concerns about it

Source: @ashna_khan/Instagram


Comments surfaced on Instagram, with users calling out the shoot for being “cheap and sleazy”






Many called the shoot “vulgar,” in particularly targetting the second photo of the two actors







Twitter users also picked up this particular photo, with crude comments like “ye model hain ya porn star?”


Responses were all rather unfortunate and incredibly shocking at most



With a few harrowing responses like “depends on money offered”




Calling actors porn stars is not alright, that too to label Sajal and Ahad so lightly with the term. We have to be more careful with our choice of words and always respect our artists. What are your thoughts on the shoot? Do you think all the hate is warranted?


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