Here Are 13 Of The Most “Motivating” Comments On Hina Altaf's Latest Photoshoot

By Sarah Babar | 17 Mar, 2018

This is Hina Altaf




These are a few shots from her, rather nice, latest photo shoot

Source: @allpakistandramapage / Facebook

And here’s another

Source: @allpakistandramapage / Facebook



While people have been comparing her to Anushka Sharma, others, well haven’t been too kind. But YOU guys, left some of the most heartwarming, enlightening, uplifting, and of course motivating comments under her pictures

So we kinda thought it’d be nice to bring them forth for you guys, so you can see how they sound when read later on. You’re welcome. So here they are, some of the most motivating comments under Hina Altaf’s pictures that you guys left behind as Easter eggs for us



1. This person who was more concerned about the lack of a three piece lawn suit



2. Or this one who gave us a whole timeline of her career…



3. And this one who was drawing comparisons to Hina’s hotness



4. This person who might have been a tailor in their past life



5. Well, exam season really is coming in, isn’t it?



6. Wese tau we did evolve from animals, right?



7. While we’re still in awe of how this guy was hitting on Hina in the comments section, we’re also in shock over HER BEING JUST 19



8. Eaaasy there



9. But why do you literally feel sorry for all of them? We’re still confused



10. One of whom? Aliens? The Illuminati? Pindi Boys? Ho kya raha hai koi please bata de!



11. ~wow~



12. This person was just sad about Hina’s transformation



13. If only we could pull it off like Hina does, though


It’s still sad how we choose to sit behind our computers and feel the need to comment on anything and everything that doesn’t fit within our norms and our idea of ‘normal’. Anyway, maybe this puts things into perspective. You do you, Hina, you do you!



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Cover image via @allpakistandramapage / Facebook

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