The Best Step-By-Step Guide To Being A Boss At The Iftari Table

The Best Step-By-Step Guide To Being A Boss At The Iftari Table

The Best Step-By-Step Guide To Being A Boss At The Iftari Table

Iftari. The one thing you’re dreaming about the whole day for a complete month. You know you’re going to get your reward, soon.

You’ve just spent an infinitely long amount of time slogging through hunger and thirst and you don’t have an ounce of patience left in you. Optimize your time and whatever’s left of your energy into getting the best out of the feast in front of you:


Step 1: Grab the choicest spot at the table

Ensure that you’re close to your favorite dishes. 

Source: Tumblr


Step 2: Get hold of your favorite iftari item

Source: Tumblr


Step 3: Choose the juiciest dates and chaats and best fried bombs

Take it up a notch by decorating your plate with them. Helps to kill time in addition to looking super appetizing.

Source: Cheezburger


Step 4: Ignore disapproving looks and comments

Source: Tumblr

Step 5: Fill your glass with water or sharbat, then place the jugs away from you

This is to ensure nobody bothers you to pass on anything they can’t reach.

Source: Tumblr


Step 6: Keep close track of time and wait…

Patience, my friend. Patience. Resist the urge to attack the gharee.

Source: Tumblr


Step 7: Dive into your food the moment the watch strikes iftari o’clock

Source: Foods-Delight


Step 8: Sneak away the bones and pits into your neighbor’s plate

You’ll look innocent when reaching for second and third helpings.

Source: Deenga


Step 9: Wash down every bite to make way for the rest of the pile



Congratulations you’ve done justice to the iftari. Now, you can either go for a run around the mohalla to get the contents in your stomach moving, or grace the throne in the bathroom.

After all, there’s only so much time left for sehri.

Source: Tumblr

What’s your perfect hack for iftari (or sehri) like an expert?

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