13 Times Casual Sexism Ruined Your Day

13 Times Casual Sexism Ruined Your Day

13 Times Casual Sexism Ruined Your Day

Living in Pakistan, the fact that casual sexism exists is no surprise, but sometimes, it really just gets to you.

Here are thirteen times casual sexism just RUINED your day:


1. Being called bossy.

Source: Tumblr


2. That your ideas are cute.

Source: Tumblr

Call them cute again, bro, I dare you.


3. When the class misogynist talks over you.

Source: Tumblr


4. Being called bibi in an argument.

Source: oddfuturetalk

Like, just don’t do it.


5. Seeing this in your newsfeed: 

Source: dumpaday


6. Or this in your inbox: 

Source: youthkiawaaz


7. When a rando sings tujhe dekha tou ye jana sanam as he walks past you…

Source: Tumblr

That type of guy believes he is the Shah Rukh to add spice to your life – he’s really just an Uday:

Source: Bollywoodlife


8. Or a car really slows down – or follows you, or pulls up next to yours to ask for your number.

Source: soletstalkabout


9. When someone claims they aren’t a feminist.

Source: reactiongifs


10. Especially when that someone is a girl.

Source: gifsee


11. I CANNOT stress how frustrating that is.

Source: Tumblr


12. Sexist jokes

Source: quickmeme


13. Unnecessary trash talk about other girls.

Source: somecards


Patriarchy, uggh.

Via: Reddit

Did you ever face casual sexism?

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