What's Happening to Makkah?

By Ali Gul | 14 Sep, 2015

Like many citiesĀ in the world, Makkah has transformed over the last decades; however, Makkah is not like other cities in the world. It is the holiest site for Muslims around the world. With the recent appearance of large buildings in the vicinity of the Kaaba, many are sad to see thatĀ the holiest place in the world isĀ starting to get aĀ name for being the Las Vegas for pilgrims. And the massive construction projects don’t look to be slowing down any time soon as the Saudi government is spending billions of dollars to commercialize Makkah into a modern, extravagant religious tourist hub.

Here is a look at how Makkah has transformed over the years:


Year 1850

Source: Wikipedia


Year 1920

1920Source: pulse

Pilgrims performing Hajj at Kabbah which looks very different from today.


Year 1922

1922Source:Ā pulse

Although this is a painting it give a somewhat accurate feel of that era.


Year 1935

1935Source: pulse

An aerial view of Makkah almost a century ago


Year 1941 – The Floodings of Makkah

1941_2 1941_3 1941_4 1941Source: pulse

Due to Makkah being in a valley, flooding used to be an issue; however, with the new architecture thisĀ isn’t an issue anymore.


Year 1954

1954Source: dawn

Year 1967

1967Source: pulse

We can start seeingĀ some of the changes in the construction.


Year 1979

1979Source: pulse

A huge difference from how it looked a century ago.


Year 1988

1988Source: pulse


Year 2000

2000Source: pulse

An aerial view which shows the massive changes Makkah has undergone over the years.


Year 2001

2001Source: pulse


Year 2004

2004Source: pulse


Year 2005

2005Source: pulse


Year 2008

2008Source: pulse


Year 2010

2010Source: pulse


Year 2012

2012Source: pulse


Year 2013

2013Source: pulse


Year 2015

2015Source: national


Year 2020?

2020Source: sfs


The future of Makkah


Do you think Makkah 2020 is a good project even though it means destroying the valuable heritage of the city?



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