Kit Harington Is In Rehab After The Game Of Thrones Finale And It's Honestly Very Concerning

By Sajeer Shaikh | 29 May, 2019

Wishing Kit Harington AKA Jon Snow of Game of Thrones all the best

Regardless of how you felt about the Game of Thrones finale, one simple fact cannot be denied: the entire cast and crew deserve a deafening round of applause for giving us an unmatched cinematic experience that many of us will cherish and discuss for years to come.

The fact that the actors gave it their all is evident through how Emilia Clarke, our very own Dragon Queen, powered through aneurysms and quite literally battled death while shooting the series, coming out triumphant from amongst it all.

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However, now, in the wake of the finale, the actor playing Jon Snow, Kit Harington, has checked into a wellness retreat to deal with personal issues

Source: Bighead Littlehead


If you think back to his reaction to the finale in HBO’s The Last Watch – the documentary showing behind-the-scenes footage – you can tell that he was shocked, baffled and reduced to tears.


Harington needs time away to work on his mental well being, as confirmed by his representative as well

“Kit has decided to utilize this break in his schedule as an opportunity to spend some time at a wellness retreat to work on some personal issues.”



A report by Page Six also stated that Harington had been employing different techniques to combat the stress of the final season and its imminent end

Moreover, in an interview with Variety, Harington talked about the stress of being Jon Snow. He said, “[t]hat was a time when I started therapy and started talking to people. I had felt very unsafe, and I wasn’t talking to anyone.” He went on to state, “I really didn’t like the focus of the whole show coming onto Jon. “When you become the cliffhanger of a TV show, and a TV show probably at the height of its power, the focus on you is fucking terrifying.”


Fans everywhere are heartbroken to hear about this and are sending Harington their love, prayers and well wishes from across the globe. 




This has even raised the concern around people criticizing the finale without any regard for the crew’s well being.

Often, we dole out too much criticism under the guise of humor, never fully empathizing with the individual on the receiving end. While this news is alarming, it’s a wake-up call to us all to realize that actors are not made of stone, nor are they immovable by nature. We must be more mindful and employ more tact while offering critique. And perhaps, we must halt the all-too-prevalent culture of trolling altogether.

We at MangoBaaz wish Kit Harington a speedy recovery. May he heal and come out stronger.


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