Actress Saboor Aly Just Spoke Up After Rumors Of Her Alleged Suicide Attempt Spread

By Maliha Khan | 21 Apr, 2019

Rumors of Saboor Aly attempting suicide had recently spread after she was hospitalized. Given that she is a popular celebrity, and sister of Sajal Aly it makes sense that she is always in the public eye, which also contributes to rumors spread about her.


Recently, there were rumors being spread about her recent hospitalization and the news spread like wildfire

The rumors come to be because of her recent admission into a hospital. People all over wanted to know what was going on and out of nowhere a potential reason became attempted suicide. Pakistanis were in shock and began to wish her all of the best. Others wanted confirmation and questioned whether this was valid information.

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Saboor Aly came to her own rescue by putting out a statement to clear the air

In an Instagram post last night, she discussed how she was hospitalized for severe food poisoning, not attempted suicide.

She continued the post by thanking loved ones for checking in on her to see if she was okay. Saboor mentioned she was humbled by the amount of love and concern she felt coming from people. She thanked them for being so concerned and for their well-wishes.

Saboor then proceeded to mention how mental health and death are not something that should be joked about. She requested people to not spread rumors and misinformation, because it could be a serious problem for people that are suffering through similar things. Spreading news like this can be a traumatic experience and can add on top of whatever else is going on and there’s just no good reason to do this.


Saboor coming forward to clear the air despite going through a health crisis is brave and praise-worthy

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She discussed something that has always been a dark part of our society and any society for that matter. People spread rumors and share information about people with confirming or getting the correct information. The lack of truthful information can end up really affecting the lives of people involved and it just isn’t fair.


Fans of Saboor were naturally angry at the misinformation that had been spread about their beloved actress

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Prayers and love were sent her way

Social media can be very toxic and full of people that want to spread lies and hate.

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The world would be such a better place if we learned to stay out of people’s business and let people do them.

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Btw, we also recently spotted her on fellow actress Kinza Hashmi’s Instagram stories enjoying Tom & Jerry together

Love friends who back their friends up during times of need!

Here’s hoping Saboor gets well soon from her bout of food poisoning. Wishing her a very happy, healthy and loved life. Saboor, you’re loved and we hope you know that.


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Cover image via @sabooraly / Instagram

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