A Video Of LUMS Students Having Fun In Their University Just Went Viral & Internet Ke Thaykedaar Freaked Out

By Bisma Rizwan | 28 May, 2019

This is the time of the year when students in almost all the colleges in Pakistan are celebrating the fact that they’re graduating – and so a lot of universities had their graduation week with the color days and theme days and all.


A video of LUMS students celebrating during their color week has managed to garner a little bit of unwelcome attention

A tiny Tik Tok video from their Pink Day was tweeted by a fake account made on the name of a renowned journalist, Irshad Bhatti. The tweet mockingly called out the entire institution, whereas the video just showed a couple of students dancing and having fun with their fellow batch mates.


Surprisingly, a lot of people actually chimed in to mock LUMS and the students, and called them out for dancing in the month of Ramazan

For those who don’t realize, this video is at least a month old, if not older.


And then there were those who questioned the entire system of co-education…


But then a lot of people tried to shed light on how there are way more important issues which need to be addressed than a couple of students dancing in the safety and privacy of their own university


“The country is literally burning, and some are worried about a few kids having a bit of harmless fun.”


People thought it was alarming so see where the priorities of the population lie i.e. in outraging over consenting adults having fun in the privacy of their university as opposed to actual issues


Many pointed out how this might actually raise concerns over the invasion of privacy of these students, and rightly so


There were quite a few who pointed out that the account that claimed to be of famous journalist Irshad Bhatti is actually a fake account


People were suggesting Bhatti sahab to change the display on his original account so the fake ones trying to trick people could be identified


At the end of the day, people just defended LUMS with some straight up facts

It’s just saddening how people manage to make issues out of the tiniest things, while disregarding everything else that is happening around the company. A couple of kids having fun in their own safe space does not warrant anyone the right to judge or criticize them, especially while their privacy could very much be the first thing being invaded.


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Cover image via: @chaudaryfizi / TikTok

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