Indian Media Just Blamed Pakistan For Sending “Trained” Locusts & Even Indians Are Trolling Them 😂😂😂

By Fatima A | 29 May, 2020

The level of panic that the Indian government and media have with regards to Pakistan is so astronomically high that their paranoia has actually resulted in some incredible hilarious news stories in the past. Not only have they claimed that Pakistan was responsible for espionage via the professional spy birds, multiple times but now they’ve made yet another weird claim.


Indian media has just made a bizarre claim that Pakistan has sent locusts to India who are trained to terrorize them

One of the most famous Indian anchors, Arnab Goswami recently constructed a story where he ended up blaming Pakistan for sending locusts to India.

The ”news segment” started off by Arnab loudly declaring that since India has successfully managed to put everyone to death on the scaffold, Pakistan has resorted to sending locusts to attack India. He elaborated by saying that half of Pakistan has been engulfed by locusts and then mocked Pakistan for being weak and lazy. He then followed this up by accusing the entire country of conspiring against India and sending locusts their way.

I wish I was making this up…

source: Cassy Athena/ YouTube


It didn’t stop at that. The anchor continued his rant by seriously asking the question, “is Pakistan preparing locust biryani?”…

Real hard hitting journalism there, bro.


Anyway, the internet is obviously having a field day with this ridiculousness and absolutely one can take this Indian media claim about Pakistan sending locusts, seriously


People are even sharing photos of the tiddiyan that the Indian media claims Pakistan is sending their way


Call backs to the infamous pigeon incident are also being made


Matlab, har cheez ka ilzaam humay day do. Ajeeb.

Pakistan nai, chota bhai ho gaya jiss per saari ghalti daal do, hamesha? 


Even Indians think that this insane claim by Indian media about Pakistan sending locusts is a joke


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Now, while this whole thing is quite entertaining to see and it’s a relief to see that there is sanity prevailing amongst the general public across the border it’s sad to see this agenda to fuel hate be aired so publicly.


Locust attacks are actually a very serious issue plaguing the entire region

These locusts are plaguing us because of climate change and these flying grasshoppers are capable of causing mass destruction due to their incorrigible ability to eat their entire weight in plants daily. Hence, a swarm could cause devastating loss of crops and ultimately a famine which would result in the death of millions.

It’s abhorrent how the Indian media has basically made a mockery of  an extremely serious topic and used it as a device to promote vitriol against Pakistan.

Pakistan is equally affected by this grave locust threat and it is highly irresponsible of Indian media to suggest that the locust attacks in their region are an attack against their autonomy. In a bid to simply further their anti Pakistan rhetoric, the Indian media risks the calamity that will befall their own people should the two countries not co operate to solve this major issue.

A regional crisis an only be avoided should the two countries work TOGETHER, rather than the employment of such sinister, albeit hilarious, tactics.


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