India Has Arrested A Hawk For Being A Pakistani Agent And We Can't Help But LOL

By Ather Ahmed | 21 Nov, 2017

It seems that Pakistani intelligence has an open door policy when it comes to recruiting animals. After allegedly sending pigeons to carry out espionage across the border, we have now finally unleashed the big guns. This time around we apparently sent a Hawk in India to do some of that spy stuff.


 According to a rather bizarre report by Indian publication, ABP Live, Indian authorities have detained a “Hawk” for doing spy shenanigans for Pakistan


They captured a freaking bird which they suspected of being an ISI agent. The amount of times this has happened is not even funny anymore.

The hawk was grabbed by a security personnel at Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar city. The bird was reportedly flying under “mysterious circumstances” and had an electronic device attached to it, according to the report.


The report describes this as an ‘appropriate example of how Pakistan is using birds for its evil actions’


Currently, ‘investigations’ are being carried out and Indian authorities are taking stern measures against this newfound threat.

According to a conflicting report on, however, neither an electronic device nor an antenna was found on the hawk and as such was handed over to the forest department.

This is definitely not the first time Pakistan has been accused of something as outlandish as this.


Earlier, Indian authorities had caught a spy pigeon for allegedly carrying out a spy mission


What’s funny is this that for being in Indian custody for about a week’s time, the pigeon managed to escape according to Indian news agencies.


Naturally, Pakistanis had a lot  to say on the whole ordeal

Some were actually worried about losing such a valuable asset

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One person actually commended our agencies over something so retro yet innovative

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Some just want to watch the world burn

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What do you guys think? Let us know in the comment section below


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