How a Pakistani Pigeon Caused Panic in India

By Hamza Ghaznavi | 2 Jun, 2015

In the past 2 days, a pigeon has created waves across Indian security immediately after it was identified as being Pakistani. It wasn’t hard for the policemen who brought the pigeon to identify it. According to the police, this pigeon was the odd one out because it was better looking and had a normal accent. Therefore, it had to be Pakistani.

NDTV (New Delhi Television Limited) was able to locate the pigeon’s parents who were both members of Overly Patriotic Pigeons (OPA). The pigeon in question itself, locally known as Mushtaq, is a decorated officer of Pakistan’s armed forces and has in the past dropped poop on 11 enemy soldiers. The pigeon is fearsomely trained in martial arts and potty control.

Source: The Rooster

Above: Spy Pigeon poses for the camera while performing a secretive mission for Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI.

Source: StaticFlicker

Above: Spy Pigeon aka Mushtaq’s parents.


Though people in Pakistan are still in disbelief, some claim this pigeon had nothing to do with the armed forces or the infamous ISI. Some sources close to the pigeon claim that he was actually some what of a fashion model.

Source: Kashif Qadri

Above: Spy Pigeon allegedly modelling for an unknown designer


Whatever the case, the pigeon has created a frenzy and shiver down the armed forces and the political arena in Pakistan.

Source: PakSoldiers

Above: Pakistan soldiers in a state of panic. It’s evident that they’re trying to hide something.


Source: Pakistan Affairs

Above: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif hosted a dinner to discuss the situation, but sources claim that by the time dinner was over, there wasn’t much time left for the discussion.


Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, has called an emergency session of Indian leadership including the Chief of Army Staff and Head of Intelligence (RAW). Mr. Modi has ordered for all animals, especially the flying ones, to be issues identification cards. He has also urged all the pet owners of India to keep a close eye on their pets to avoid them being influenced by foreign agencies.

“We are a brave nation, and Pakistan doesn’t scare us with their guns and ammo. Maybe an occasional pigeon or two can cause panic among us but other than that we’re swell.” Narendra Modi


Lt. Gen. Dalbir Singh Suhag, Indian Army Chief of Staff, has also warned Pakistan that if an another pigeon or even so much as a bug crosses the border it would be considered an act of war.

When Modi called his counterpart and friend in Washington to inform of Pakistan’s mischiefs, Obama tried to play cool in the situation as to not create panic.

Source: Redstate


Source: Indiatvnews

Above: The pigeon was caugh red handed spying on an Indian government building.


Reports claim that Pakistan is a very pigeon friendly nation with dozens of pigeons flying and pooping around hence it’s no surprise a pigeon was recruited by the ISI – it’s basically a breeding ground for terror pigeons.

The pigeon will be presented in front of a judge tomorrow and a trial date will be set.

NDTV was able to obtain an exclusive and secret image of Pakistan’s leadership seeing off the pigeon as it departed for it’s mission in India.

Source: Dawn
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