This “Tiddiyon Ki Biryani” From Thar Will Make You Forget Aalu Or No Aalu Debate

By Maryam Khalid | 4 Oct, 2019

This tiddiyon ki biryani is with a twist…

For many years, Tharparkar has been in a state of suffering and deprivation. But recently, the monsoon showers have proved to be a blessing from the divine. Agriculture has been restored. Thar is finally flourishing after a tedious patience of God knows how many years! Mashallah. Mashallah. This has brought new challenges and new dishes for the people of Thar.


This unique tiddiyon ki biryani from Thar has captured many people’s attention

As vegetation grew because of rain in Thar it was attacked by a swarm of locusts. Instead of getting disheartened by the unfortunate turn of events, the people of Thar found out a new way to eradicate the locusts. To cook them into Karahi and Biryani.

What a wonderful way to get rid of those troublemakers! Capture them and dish them out into local delicacies.

Locusts known as tiddiyan in Urdu, are already being consumed around the world in countries like Thailand, Mexico, Uganda, and China. Insects are already considered as food for the future, which should replace animal proteins. It’s a global trend and should be followed unless the ‘ick factor’ overcomes you.


Pakistanis are actually pretty supportive of this unique biryani and other dishes made from tiddiyan


They’re pointing out how locusts and bugs have huge global consumption because of increasing challenges to traditional sources of nutrition


Locusts have a real good nutritional value so this is uhh… healthy biryani, I guess


In case someone was wondering about this biryani being halaal, someone answered that as well


Of course, people couldn’t stop trolling Lahore

So, what are your thoughts on locust consumption? Let us know in the comment section.


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Cover image via / @HullioSikandar via Twitter

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