Claims Of Frog Meat Being Sold To Lahoris Turn Out To Be Untrue But I Have Questions

By Maryam Malik | 24 Sep, 2019

After khotay Lahoris are being fed frog meat?

Sadly from the days of Ayesha Mumtaz and the Punjab Food Authority keeping us safe, what we eat has become a big topic of discussion lately. It’s not only because of recent trends toward eating healthier but also because of the spread of viruses and infections through the food we consume.


Recently, a viral news spread all over social media about 185 kg of frog meat being taken to be sold to innocent people in Lahore

Yes, you read that right. Dead frogs were being transported as frog meat, apparently. Ready for an unFROGettable meal?


According to initial reports, the janbaaz Punjab Police stopped a rickshaw, heading towards the Lahore Food Street where two men were caught carrying big white sacks of frog meat

The Mujahid Squad of Lahore police carried out further investigation and found out that the two were carrying sacks of dead frogs and were going to sell them to restaurants and food vendors in the name of “white meat”. The men were then detained by the police.

Source: @khanzeb_S / Twitter


Naturally, with Lahoris already having become khota eaters this frog meat became a big topic of discussion

This was considered as a new low for Lahore. It was said that frog meat was being mixed with chicken qeema to make it more profitable. Streetside food stalls were claimed to be using it in kebabs, Chinese dishes, burger patties, and especially “chicken” nuggets.

Source: @khanzeb_S / Twitter


Local newspaper lapped up this news of frog meat in Lahore and helped spread the reports

Source: @atifdawar59 / Twitter


Yesterday, there was an update on this case saying that frog meat wasn’t actually being sold to restaurants in Lahore

Now it is being claimed that the news was fake and in fact, the two men were heading towards Abkari Road to sell dead frogs to a laboratory which then would supply the frogs to medical universities for students to “dissect the frogs and practice suturing on them.” It was also said that the only reason the police stopped the rikshaw was because they thought the men were carrying frogs of a rare species. They say that the only part true about the story was that the police really did detain the men but that too was only temporarily.

The police apparently also contacted the Punjab Wildlife Department after this in hopes of making the dead load their responsibility but they clearly told the police that the frogs were of no use to them and so the police emptied the sacks down into a river.


Even though it’s being said that the news was fake, I have serious questions so I spoke to people who have experience dissecting frogs – medical students

When I read the news I kind of questioned the fact that they were claiming to sell DEAD frogs to medical students. Now I’m not a med student myself, but from what I know the frogs are pinned down onto dissection trays while still alive. To clear out my doubts, I contacted a few friends from medical colleges to get to know what really goes on.

“How can we practice on dead frogs if what we need to study is the functionality of their hearts and lungs? Their hearts obviously need to be beating and lungs respirating. If the organs are not performing their functions, there’s no point of having a dead frog in front of you”, Laiba Malik who is a student at Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical College explained.

She makes sense you know.

Source: Richard Glassford II / YouTube

When I asked them how exactly they go about the dissection, Noor Ul Ain, studying at the Jinnah Sindh Medical University clarified saying, “the frogs are actually given anesthesia before we start dissection. They’re very much alive, just unconscious so it’s easier for us to work on them. You know one time when we were in the lab, my frog regained consciousness. I don’t know if it wasn’t given proper anesthesia or if it was left under anesthesia for too long but it actually started hopping around. I’m just glad I hadn’t started the procedure yet.”

On wanting more information about the sutures part of the claim, I got in touch with Areeba from Dow University of Health Sciences. She told MangoBaaz that suturing is most commonly practiced on bananas or chicken with the skin on it. When I suggested practicing sutures on a frog, as the reports claimed.

She explained, “I don’t think frogs would be an ideal specimen to practice on considering how sensitive their skin is. It would get easily ruptured and the sutures won’t hold. And other than that their skin is so slimy and slippery. No, frogs can’t be used.”



All of these explanations make sense to me and I wasn’t the only one raising these questions

People on Twitter also have the same questions.

These are all valid points. It doesn’t make sense for universities to be using dead frogs at all but even if for some incomprehensible reason they are, don’t you think 185 kilograms is too much?

And the second point makes sense too because new classes start July-August and they don’t start dissecting frogs a month after college starts.

And most importantly, why did the Punjab Wildlife Department refuse to takeover the frogs from the police? If they really were considered useful in any way, the department would’ve had distributed them out in medical institutes instead of wasting them by releasing them into a river.


Some people were sarcastic about everyone obsessing over frog meat


Others were purely concerned


So many people also made jokes about frog meat in Lahore, after the infamous donkey meat fiasco


Lots and lots of jokes


Let’s just admit it, our meme game is strong AF

Acha sorry😂😂😂😂Mari

Gepostet von Doston ki Baatein am Montag, 23. September 2019

Do you think the two men were really selling the frogs to medical institutes? Let us know in the comments.



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