13 Of The Most Stunning Reasons Why Copenhagen, Denmark Should Be The Next City You Explore

By Maryam Khalid | 24 Sep, 2019

Turkey and Dubai are a done to death travel destination for Pakistanis. So if you’re seeking new horizons and want to explore beauty, modern architecture, history and meet amazing people all in the same place, we’ve got just the place for you. Copenhagen, a city in Denmark, could be your next perfect holiday destination.

Copenhagen is a city with stunning waterways and historic monuments. Here are 13 hidden gems of the city you’ll fall in love with after reading this:


1. Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød

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This majestic castle will perfectly satisfy your inner royalty. Built-in medieval times, this castle is situated in the north of Copenhagen. The exquisite gardens are definitely a feast for your eyes.


2. Superkilen

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This diversity park has tainted the city an electric pink with its geometrical architecture. Located in the most ethnic area of the city, the park aims to celebrate the diversity of different cultures and races with multi-colored sections. There is The Red Square, The Black Market, and then The Green Park.


3. The Little Mermaid

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Fan of Disney’s Little Mermaid? Well, this sculpture is nothing like her but still nothing less than it as well. The gloomy mermaid rests on a rock and it is the most famous landmark of the city.


4. Tivoli Gardens

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It is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. Even if you aren’t a fan of roller coasters, you cannot help admire the park for the tranquil it offers. A worth mentioning ride is the Star Flyer, a carousel that hikes riders up 80 meters above the ground! 10/10 on the risk-o-meter if you ride this!


5. Grundtvig’s Church

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Your trip to Copenhagen cannot be completed without visiting this church. Located just outside the city, this Gothic-style church is an architectural monument. The architectural design combines the ancient gothic and modern style elements.


6. Nyhavn

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Old ships till harbor this waterfront area. On both sides of the canal are tall multi-colored houses from the 1600s and 1700s. The ground floors of these houses consist of cafes and restaurants, where tourists can relax for a while with a steamy cup of coffee.


7. Throne of Denmark

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Throwback to the time when Drogo burned down the Iron Throne because apparently, Daenerys couldn’t sit on it. No need to mourn, because we present you the Throne of Denmark. This royal seating is intricately designed and guarded by silver lions. So beware intruders.


8. Botanical Gardens

Source: thecrazytourist.com

Occupying 10 hectares right in the middle of Copenhagen, these gardens are valued for their botanical treasures. Some of the species found here are 200 years-old. So, there’s a lot to learn for those who seek.


9. The David Collection

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A Danish businessman C.L. David, donated his home and art pieces to shape a marvelous collection like this. It majorly comprises the Islamic section, with pieces collected from all over the world from the 800s to the 1800s. Calligraphy is the most prominent.  Danish and Europen modern art are also exhibited. This place is surely a heaven for an art-enthusiast. And the best part? The entrance is absolutely free.


10. Rundetårn

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It’s an old tower but guess the unusual thing about it. You don’t need to climb the stairs to get up! Yes, the observatory consists of spiral corridors that lead you to the top. It was constructed as an astronomical tower. Exactly that kind where ancient scientists reside to observe planetary movements and make speculations.


11. Kulturtårnet

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It’s a little cafe which gives a 360 degrees view of the harbor. It is similar to a  submarine. Most people find this gem by accident while walking across the bridge.  A cup of coffee over here gives you the peace you were yearning for.


12. The Elephant Gate

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The gate consists of four giant elephant statues with ancient symbolism. It marks the entrance to the Carlsberg area, the original brewery site of the Carlsberg Breweries.


13. The Six Forgotten Giants

Source: visitdenmark.com

Outside Copenhagen’s suburbs, you’ll find six quirky giants made of recycled wood. They are perfect for travelers who want to go beyond the eye-candy tourist attractions.

So in love with Copenhagen yet? Ever been there or planning for a trip? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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This post has been made in partnership with the Embassy of Denmark in Pakistan.

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