We Went To Denmark With Pakistani Content Creators And It Was 😍😍😍

By Aam Nawab | 23 Sep, 2019

Denmark is a hidden gem


This is Ali Gul, the Co-Founder…

Source: @aghaaligul / Instagram


Video personality…

Source: @aghaaligul / Instagram


And all around funny guy at MangoBaaz.

Source: @aghaaligul / Instagram


Ali Gul recently got to take a trip with a bunch of cool Pakistani content creators to Copenhagen, Denmark.

(mainly so he could take photos like these)

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Can you guess which tree this is?

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The trip was sponsored by The Danish Embassy in Pakistan in order to raise awareness on their way of life with special emphasis on sustainability and innovation. Being a welfare state, they believe very strongly in free and equal rights to benefits such as healthcare and education for all citizens. A strong welfare state ensures economic equality in society and virtually no corruption which is something that Pakistan could definitely learn from and emulate.

While in capital city Copenhagen, everyone got a chance to experience some very stylistic and unique architecture.

Also helps that the weather was beautiful and dreamy throughout 😍😍😍


We also received a crash-course on sustainability,  courtesy the massive windmills all around Denmark

As expected, Nordic countries have the world’s most ambitious goals when it comes to being independent of fossil fuels. The focus on sustainable technology solutions & transition from fossil fuels to environmentally friendly alternatives has always been their highest priority.


We got some much-deserved and highly anticipated sugar rush.


Good thing Ali Gul has a sweet tooth.


The best feeling, however, was how everyone got to explore Copenhagen on feet or bicycles.

The country is known as the “nation of Cyclists” as cycling is one of the primary forms of transportation. 9 out of 10 people own a cycle and 4 out of 10 own a car. No wonder the air is so fresh!


Denmark is a small yet wonderfully governed country and you couldn’t help but feel a little bit envious of all the liberties afforded to the people.

Even things as simple as walking around without the fear of harassment or fear for your safety seemed like a blessing, especially for women.


While on the trip, Ali Gul also caught the famous IronMan Triathlon race.

The country has officially been rewarded the IronMan capital of the world with other one million participants flocking to the country every year.


Of course no trip would have been complete without a walk down to the Royal Palace.


The three-day trip was full of exciting adventure and lots of walking/biking around so we averaged at 30,000 steps per day.

But it was totally worth it.

To everyone that is planning a trip to Europe or considering a vacation destination for next year, Denmark’s definitely worth checking out. You would forever be in awe of the culture, architecture, food and boundless adventures the country has to offer.


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This post has been made in partnership with the Embassy of Denmark in Pakistan.

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