Major Adnan Sami Is Now Blocking Pakistanis On Twitter And Lagta Hai Mission Phase 2 Shuru Hogya Hai

By Noor | 23 Sep, 2019

Major Adnan Sami just stepped his Twitter mission

We all know that ISI agent Major Adnan Sami is a star. He’s done in real life what James Bond can only think of accomplishing in movies. Major Adnan Sami has successfully fooled even his own country’s people by acting as if he hates Pakistan so he can gather top secret intel in India. He is so convincing in his act that he’s now taking his mission to the next level


Basically, Major Adnan Sami is extremely busy on Twitter because of taking jabs at almost all the Pakistani trolls


It seems that the singer is NOT happy with the Pakistanis and thus leaves no chance to troll them back


His brutal replies are actually making the Pakistanis wonder if their very own Major sahib has turned against them

But worry not dear Pakistanis, we can tell you he’s just taking his mission to phase 2 now.


Adnan Sami is making deliberate efforts to not only diss Pakistanis but also block them so he can gain India’s trust from the inside


While talking about his recent trolling, the singer has stated that he will not tolerate the undue provocation

He further mentioned that the trolls should be shown their due place and should also be trolled in response to their trolling.


People are sad to see their ISI ka agent blocking them but they don’t know it’s for a greater cause


A few even kept on thanking the singer for his services for the army of Pakistan


People labeled the singer as a traitor and stated that he should NOT be given importance at all but we know he’s the most patriotic Pakistani ever

We wish Major Sami the best as he takes his mission to the next level because he needs all the prayers he can get.


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Major Adnan Sami Just Confessed He’s An ISI Agent In India And OH SHIT, His Cover Is Blown


Cover image via: / @AdnanSamiLive via Twitter

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