Someone Spotted Stan Lee In Islamabad And All The Marvel Fans Are Loving Him 3000

By Maryam Malik | 23 Sep, 2019

Stan Lee in Islamabad?

Marvel comics have created a massive impact on so many people’s lives. Not only have they entertained, they’ve also helped people through some pretty dark times. Most of the credit goes to the brains behind what the comics have become today – Stan Lee.


Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel comics as we know it today was spotted sipping tea in the streets of Islamabad, apparently back from the dead

A Pakistani man who looks a lot like the esteemed icon was snapped in the capital city, Islamabad.

Wearing a mud green kurta shalwar, he was found sitting across someone, having a conversation over a cup of tea at the G-11 Markaz. To confuse us even more, he was even wearing glasses that complete the look.



Naturally, Pakistanis have a lot to say about him gracing us with his presence once again

They came up with a whole conspiracy theory about it


People explained how he’s been seen sitting at the same place often

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Quetta Hotel seems to be a famous chilling spot for the goray because a picture of Steve Jobs also came forward


A lot of people had their own kind of ideas as to why he’s there back from the dead



Some political jokes were cracked


A lot of people were concerned about how Spiderman is not part of the MCU anymore so they thought he resurrected to save that


And some thought it is the famous Pakistani combination of chai and ladoo that brought him back to life


I mean who’d say no to our chai?


Pakistanis being their punny self

Would you want to have chai with Stan Lee in Islamabad? Let us know in the comments.


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