Lahore Waalon, There's A New Bakery In Town Which Will Have You Absolutely Drooling

By MangoBaaz Studio | 23 Sep, 2019

Lahore is legit the hub of food and all things good, and every other week we have newer food options cropping up – extending the already overflowing list of amazing delights with all the more goodness.

So, are you ready for a new piece of heaven? Introducing Bakely, incredibly cute yet super sweet addition to Lahore’s bakery space!

And your friendly neighborhood team MangoBaaz got a chance to visit the place thanks to team Commtel Digital. Now, we get to show you that we’re absolutely not hyping this bakery up because trust us, we fell in love and we know for a fact that you will too!

That’s when we decided to give it a go.

The double chocolate and chocolate chip ones had our heart! Just some pure as heaven goodness. Lahoriyon, you’re just blessed TBH.

All in all, the variety was intense. Cakes, eclairs, muffins, you name it, they have it!

Honestly, go-to bakery kinda place for all that you need. I mean, we’re all sometimes in a rush, looking for what to take with us while on our way to those endless dawats and you probably gotta stop worrying now because Bakely is the answer to all of your worries!

Via: Commtel Digital

Wouldn’t mind their mantra of ‘Eat. Love. Repeat.’ right about now, Tbh.

IRL reaction because we just wanted to have every. single. thing.

And if you’re wondering if we actually did, know for a fact that we got our hands on every single item on the shelf and no regrets whatsoever, we will gladly do it all over again!

It was a houseful when we went, and everyone just loved everything.

We had the chance to speak to a few customers who were more than happy to give their testimonials.

Oh.. we almost forgot about the coffee.

Pretty much one of the bests we have come across, and we’re massive caffeine freaks so we’re not lying on that part at all. Take our word for it and go already!

So yeah, you gotta check out Bakely at DHA Z Block, and honestly, you will thank us after the absolutely amazing experience! The whole campaign was put together by Commtel Digital and they deserve all the praise in the world for managing such a smooth operation.

In the meanwhile, you can check Bakely out on Instagram here! So what are you even waiting for? GO NOW!

This post has been sponsored by Bakely.

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