This Gentleman From Hyderabad Just Filed A Petition In Sindh High Court To Legalize Bhang In Pakistan

By Maryam Malik | 23 Sep, 2019

Honestly legalize kar ke bhang piyo, zindagi ounchai se jiyo saaray

We’ve all heard it’s name. It could be from local festivals where it’s consumed, it could be from Bollywood movies or it could just be from some adventurous friends who you make plans with to “experiment”. Now, to an ordinary maasoom person bhang is commonly understood as a “drug” but what exactly is it?

So, in case you’re unaware, bhang is a mixture made by drying, grinding, and soaking the leaves of the Cannabis plant (hashish or chars). The paste is usually used in different foods and drinks. It is a part of the ancient Hindu tradition has been around in the sub-continent since ages.


A gentleman from Hyderabad just filed a petition in the Sindh High Court to make bhang legal in Pakistan

With a bench consisting of Justice Muhammad Iqbal Mahar and Justice Irshad Ali Shah, the Sindh High Court in Hyderabad took up the petition.

Amanullah Soomro was the brave soul who filed the petition. He said he’s been a consumer of the plant for the last 49 years of his life.


“I used to buy bhang from shops, but for many years, it is no longer available at shops due to the government’s undeclared ban,” he said.

He explained how even after the ban on bhang, it is still widely available in almost all parts of the country and that only its commercial sale has stopped as opposed to its consumption.


“After the war in Afghanistan during the martial law regime of Zia Ul Haq, drugs like heroin, gradually replaced bhang while the government also imposed an unannounced ban on it,” he said.

Soomro also explained how until 1977 the government had issued licenses for its trade and bhang was easily available in rural, urban areas and even villages of the country.


According to him, one of the reasons that liquor replaced bhang in the market was that all these intoxicants were being sold at high prices in comparison to bhang.


The reasoning given by the gentleman to legalize bhang is actually pretty legit


According to him, bhang could be cultivated in large quantities in the country being readily available in all areas of the federal capital.  “The air in Islamabad often carries the scent of bhang,” he said. He explained how bhang is a cheaper and a natural intoxicant when compared to liquor. “A small sachet of bhang is sufficient for making one glass of the intoxicant, which can be sold for Rs10.” Soomro hoped that the court would order the Sindh government to start issuing licenses to bhang shops like it has to alcohol shops as it would help the government collect more taxes.


Come to think of it, it really does have some advantages


We can make societies safer if we legalize and de-stigmatize the distribution of all the drugs that citizens use. If you can’t beat them regulate them. It would also ensure the quality of drugs being consumed. Safe and tested products will lead to fewer deaths and the tax revenue would be astonishing.


And with the charas consumption rates in Pakistan already, I’m pretty it could actually be a success

Just recently Karachi ranked as the second in the world for cannabis consumption for the second time. We all know Cannabis is a plant indigenous to our region. Believing its consumption is not going to go away soon would be naive. Might as well legalize and regulate it so we know it’s being used responsibly?

Do you think legalizing bhang would be a good idea? Let us know in the comments.


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