People Are Fighting Over Whether Shark Meat Is Halal After A Shark Was Put On Sale In A Pakistani Super Store

By Ramsha Bhatti | 16 Jan, 2019

Pakistanis make sure that they never fail to bring something new to the table. Matlab, har roz koi na koi naya issue hum create karte he karte hain.


Abhi khotay ke gosht se recover kia nahi tha humne that Pakistanis have started fighting over something else


 This photo recently viral on social media from a local super store in Pakistan


Erm.. Wtf is that display, btw?

Via: Twitter


This is what nightmares look like in real life.

Via: Twitter


Who thought it was a good idea to go for this prop and display strategy?

Viaa: Giphy


Anyway, moving on to more hotly debated issues… Pakistanis have something new to debate on: Shark meat haram hai ya halal?

I guess the concern is legit. Some of us have been told that carnivorous fish, who can consume humans given the chance, are off limits for the Muslim cuisine.


As expected, people whipped out their knowledge and began giving verdicts on the rather perplexing question at hand.


 Matlab, kafi obvious hai ke fish he hai.


Then there were mixed views on the matter.


Matlab, jawab humain abhi bhe nahi mila. 


Still lost. Honestly.


Someone is asking all the right questions

Bhai, ye kya horrific kisam kai prop utilization hai?


LOLOLOL. Good question. Very good question.


And of course THAT song had to be sung too






And then we received a new piece of information which, tbh, I could have gone without knowing




The debate is ongoing in Facebook groups and people still haven’t reached a conclusion.

Via: Facebook


The only thing that makes sense.

Via: Facebook

Halal aur weight ka kya link hai?

Via: Facebook

Phir mixed views!

Via: Facebook

And that proves what?

Via: Facebook


So after all this maghaz-maari, all I can tell you is that I still don’t know if Shark meat is halal or not. What I can tell you for a fact is iss dafa fish fingers pe hath halkarakhen, kuch pata nahi kya khila rahe hain humain ye log.

On that note, what do you think about this? Is shark meat halal or haram?


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