A Girl Was Shot In Karachi And People Are Pissed At The “Halaat” Of The City

By Maryam Khalid | 4 Oct, 2019

A girl from Karachi lost her life to a snatching incident gone bad

For years, Karachi has been the hub of street crimes. Mobile and wallet snatching incidents are routine practices. But still, we see no authorities taking action on these alarming rates of street crimes.


Misbah, a 24-year-old girl from Karachi was shot during a snatching incident gone bad

Misbah was student of Hamdard University, she was shot dead at the Mochi Moore, Gulshan-e- Iqbal. Misbah was said to be in the car with her father, waiting for her bus. Two men stopped the car to snatch her belongings at gunpoint.

While they were carrying on the snatching, their gun dropped inside the car. Misbah’s father quickly asked her to return their gun. As soon as they got their gun, they shot the innocent girl and fled away.

The victim was a third-year student of Hikmat (Faculty of Eastern Medicine). She was just two years away from establishing herself as a doctor.

An incident of mugging just ended up being a cold-blooded murder in the streets.


People are entirely shook at this ruthless turn of events after this girl from Karachi passed away at the hands of muggers


They’re pointing out the fact that no CCTVs were installed in the area, which could have been used to generate footage, leading to the arrest of the suspects


After this innocent girl from Karachi passed away, the law and order situation of the city is being called into question


People are calling out the government for pretending that Karachi is safe again and turning a blind eye to the truth


Students of Hamdard University are planning a peaceful protest against the brutal murder of Misbah

The city of lights is gradually becoming a very dark place to live, yet again. With elevated street crimes and no regard for human life, the security of the city is seriously dubious. It’s about time that the concerned authorities take action, instead of continuing with their petty blame games. They need to wake up, before we have to suffer a tragedy again.

We extend the deepest condolences to the grieving family. May justice be truly served for Misbah.


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Cover image via @ainaz_ibrahim via Twitter / @Herez_Huzzaifa via Twitter

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