Karachi Is Swarmed With Locusts & Sindh Agriculture Minister Just Told People To Cook Biryani With Them

By Sarmad Amer | 11 Nov, 2019

Karachi mein Locusts ka season shuru

Climate change brings in a lot of different problems but Karachi is facing a unique set. After going through massive flash flooding because of heavy rain earlier this year and being swarmed by flies and then locusts, Karachi is facing yet another uninvited visitor.


Since last night Karachi is full of locusts and other bugs attacking different areas of the city


People have been reporting their homes, balconies, offices, streets and just about everywhere in Karachi with locusts attacking them


Even the cricket match at the National Stadium had to be stopped because the tiddi dal was getting too much to handle


People are genuinely just shocked and panicked at the sudden invasion of Karachi by locusts


While Karachiites are wondering how to tackle them, the Agriculture Minister of Sindh just made a ridiculous statement to calm people down

Mr. Muhammad Ismail Rahu, the Provincial Minister of Sindh for Agriculture, and Supply and Prices, just said that people can make “barbecue or biryani” with these bugs. Mr. Rahu who is a politician from the Pakistan Peoples Party, was asked about the panic these uninvited bugs have caused when he joked about eating these bugs.

The Ministry of National Food Security also said that these bugs are not an immediate threat to the food supply. According to Dawn.com, the last time Karachi suffered such a major locust invasion was back in 1961.


While many people are pissed off at Mr. Rahu for joking about the locusts in Karachi


Others are finding his statement rather hilarious about Karachi Locusts

It would be appropriate for the Minister to issue a formal statement or clarification so that those who’re triggered by his words can be calmed down. Otherwise, such callous statements being issued like this and jokes being taken out of context by the media can lead to people unnecessarily being angered.


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Cover image via: @TOKCityOfLights via Twitter / arynews.tv

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