Ducky Bhai Just Trolled Rabi Pirzada For The Excuse She Gave About Her Video Leaks

By Aam Nawab | 5 Nov, 2019

Did Ducky Bhai just went after Rabi Pirzada?

Singer Rabi Pirzada has lately been the center of attention for Pakistanis for her now-infamous infringement of privacy. The singer had become a victim of revenge porn last week when a large number of videos and photos of the singer leaked online. Following the leak many people had trolled her to the extent that there were rumors of her even attempting to end her life.


Following the massive, unwanted attention about her private videos, Rabi announced yesterday that she was quitting the entertainment industry


Many people had a lot to say about the statement she gave

Naturally, people were shocked at at the same time feeling sorry for her, for having to end her career in the public eye for all the trolling she had received.

Via: Instagram
Via: Instagram


While all this was happening, there were news reports that Rabi Pirzada had informed the media that her private videos leaked after she sold her phone and the phone shop owner did it

Rabi had apparently said to several media outlets that the videos and images leaked after she sold a phone and the shopkeeper allegedly leaked the contents of the phone.

Via: Twitter


Among the people who had comments about Ducky Bhai just responded savagely to Rabi Pirzada about the news regarding how her videos leaked


Of course, people couldn’t believe the savagery Ducky Bhai spoke with about Rabi Pirzada and even tried to defend Rabi


Someone even appeared to call Ducky’s statement a stunt and of course Ducky Bhai responded with a clapback


Ducky Bhai also responded to people who tried to put the blame on Rabi for making the videos in the first place

He defended her by saying that she had intended to keep the videos private. Basically saying that whatever Rabi chose to do in her private life is no one’s business. What’s sad is that she had been, due to her own mistake or some evil minded person’s vengeful actions, had become a victim of invasion of privacy.


It is worth noting that Ducky Bhai spoke up regarding Rabi Pirzada with the #IAmRabiPirzada conversation where people had chosen to register their support for Rabi in a “unique” way

It’s all fun and games but what Ducky Bhai did joke about is an important consideration. Many digital and privacy rights activists have been trying to train people about ensuring their online privacy. At the same time, one must realize that shaming someone who did fall victim to such a gross violation of their privacy can’t be blamed or shamed for what they had chosen to do in their private lives. It is certainly not Rabi’s fault that someone with a negative agenda leaked her private videos and photos.


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Cover image via: @duckybhai via Instagram / @rabi.fairy via Instagram

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