Ayesha Mumtaz is Apparently Opening Her Own Restaurant in Lahore

By Haadia Paracha | 1 Apr, 2016

In a surprising twist of events, one part food inspector and three parts messiah, Ayesha Mumtaz is set to open her own new restaurant, which we’re sure will serve as a benchmark for eateries in Lahore and Islamabad. While previously counting on her PFA sidekicks to bust crimes committed by restaurants with greasy stoves, filthy pateelas and cringe-worthy kitchen hygiene, the master watchdog has taken matters into her own hands.

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“After venturing into the food business with Upper Deck and Lahore Social making waves in their own right, it was even more exciting to take the journey forward”

While the whole matter has been extremely “hush-hush”, the grapevine suggest a friendly business partnership underway between the food buster and restaurateur Sohail Salahuddin to bring forth another whopping success like Lahore Social to the food capital.

“After venturing into the food business with Upper Deck and Lahore Social making waves in their own right, it was even more exciting to take the journey forward”, said Sahaluddin while talking to MangoBaaz.

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“…and what better person to partner up with than the PFA supremo Ayesha Mumtaz”.

Source: Express Tribune

Ayesha Mumtaz continues to be humble about the whole process and maintains that her crusade over impeccable food standards will continue. Her new restaurant will serve as a symbol of this very crusade (with modest pricing).


Last year was monumental for the hospitality industry as more than half of the restaurants in Lahore were shut down in order to get “Ayesha certified” before they could function.

Whilst fines worth a whopping Rs. 1,44,000 were levied on favorite restaurants in Islamabad by the Punjab Food Authority. These include some of the big names like Bundu Khan, Roasters, Cafe Zouk, KFC and Chaaye Khana.

Via: Express Tribune

What do you guys think about this development? Are you excited to check out the certainly clean offerings by this restaurant?


Update: Guys check out the date this was published on.

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