Shahbaz Taseer's Endearing Q and A Session Will Melt Your Heart

By Haadia Paracha | 1 Apr, 2016

 “Did you acquire any surprising talent during captivity?”

Shahbaz Taseer’s return following a 5-year long abduction is one of the highlights of this year. While ex-governor’s son refuses to open up to the media regarding his captivity or release, there have been many candid light-hearted conversations over twitter since his return. It’s safe to say Shahbaz might have lost precious time but definitely not his high spirits or the kicker sense of humor.

“Did you have access to music? Which songs were your go to music for positive vibes?”

“What type of songs do you like to sing to most?”

“Maheen or Nihari?”

“Will you leave Pakistan?”


“Any new words in your dictionary from Pop culture? Like bae, on fleek and As Fuck(AF)?”

“Your biggest dream?”


“What did you do to pass the time?”

“Is Afghanistan more beautiful than the moon?”


“Best compliment you have received? “

Source: Express Tribune


“What do you find has changed most while you were gone?”

“Playstation or PC master race?”


“3 major changes you noticed since your return”


“No pizza in those 4 years?”




“Favorite actor?”


“No shave in 4 years? Seriously? You have been through hell.”

Source: BBC


“Batman or Superman?”


“How come you remembered your passwords after 4 -5 years?”


“Were there any happy days?”


Wife Maheen also joined in:

Source: Maheen Taseer Twitter


To which he replied

Dawwwww ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

Any survival tip.


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